Family Math Night 6-8 : Common Core State Standards in Action book cover
2nd Edition

Family Math Night 6-8
Common Core State Standards in Action

ISBN 9781138200999
Published July 6, 2018 by Routledge
140 Pages 90 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Host Family Math Nights at your middle school—starting today! Family Math Nights are a great way for teachers to get parents involved in their children’s education and to promote math learning outside of the classroom. In this practical book, you’ll find step-by-step guidelines and activities to help you bring Family Math Nights to life. The enhanced second edition is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Content and Practice with new activities to help students explain their answers and write about math. It also comes with ready-to-use handouts that you can distribute during your event. With the resources in this book, you’ll have everything you need to help students learn essential math concepts—including ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability—in a fun and supportive environment.

Special Features:

  • The book is organized by math content, so you can quickly find activities that meet your needs.
  • Each activity is easy to implement and includes a page of instructions educators can use to prepare the station, as well as a page for families that explains the activity and can be photocopied and displayed at the station.
  • All of the family activities can be photocopied or downloaded from our website,, so that you can distribute them during your event.

Table of Contents


About the Authors

About Taylor-Cox Instruction

About the Illustrator


Chapter 1 Introduction

Why should our school have Family Math Night?

How is the book organized?

How are the activities connected to the Common Core State Standards?

Why should we use manipulatives in mathematics?

Why is "Get Students Talking About Math" included?

Why is there a challenge for each activity?

What are some additional tips for a successful Family Math Night?

What is the teacher’s role during Family Math Night?

Chapter 2 Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Birds Migrating to Florida 

The Tortoise, the Hare, and the Others 

Tweets on Twitter

Equal Ratios Xs and Os

Pizza Orders

Online Shopping

Chapter 3 The Number System

Baseball Card Collection 

Establishing Order 

Lisa’s Sub Shop

Flip Cup Decimals

Target Practice

Climb and Slide

Chapter 4 Expressions and Equations

Produce Equations 

Tumble Tower Equivalent Expressions

Jeans and Shirts

Burning Candles

Shoot for the Truth

High/Low Takes All

Chapter 5 Geometry

Party with Pentominoes 

Nets Under Construction

Chance for Freebies

Pythagorean Triples

Triangle Cousins

Sigmund Transformations

Chapter 6 Statistics and Probability

Deep-Sea Diving

Lollipops in the Bag

Literature Stats

The Plot Thickens

Texting Tweens


Chapter 7 Additional Tools

Family Math Night Invitation to Parents

Family Math Night Journal Cover

Family Math Night Evaluation

Animal Speed Template

Tweet Cards

Equal Ratios Xs and Os Game Board

Online Shopping List

Price Adjustment Cards

The Baseball Card Collection Number Lines

Sequence Cards A-I

Blank Sequence Cards

Lisa’s Sub Shop Problem Cards

Lisa’s Sub Shop Fractions

Lisa’s Sub Shop Answers

Flip Cup Decimals Equation Cards

Coordinate Target

Rational Number Cards

Number Line Mountain

Tumble Tower Equivalent Expressions Recording Sheet

Tumble Tower Answers

Jeans and Shirts Game Board

Burning Candles Problem Cards

Burning Candles Answers

Shoot for the Truth Inequity Cards

Shoot for the Truth Inequity Cards Answers

High/Low Value Cards

Party with Pentominoes Answers

Chance for Freebies Place Mat

Chance for Freebies Challenge Mat

Triangle Cousins Game Board

Triangle Cousins Spinner

Triangle Cousins Answers

Sigmund Transformations Faces

Sigmund Transformations Game Board

Sigmund Transformations Key

Deep Sea Diving Measures of Center

Literature Stats Inference Cards

The Plot Thicken Reference Sheet

Texting Tweens Problems

Texting Tweens Answers

Fingerprint Types Chart


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Jennifer Taylor-Cox is owner of Taylor-Cox Instruction, LLC. She serves as an educational consultant for numerous districts across the United States. She teaches university courses in education and is author of 11 Routledge Eye on Education books.

Christine Oberdorf is an administrator with Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland.



"This collection of well-designed, engaging activities will help more families gain a better understanding of how to make math more approachable and relevant to their children. The activities shared help unlock and demystify the world of math while encouraging participants to gain a more complete understanding of Common Core Standards and ways to activate them in a meaningful way. These fun activities help families "play" with and discuss math in an informal, non-threatening manner, encouraging students to apply complex math concepts to their everyday life." – Marsha Greenfeld, Senior Program Facilitator, National Network of Partnership Schools

"Using social-media and everyday experiences, students and their families see that math is everywhere, deepening their understanding and appreciation of the positive impact these concepts have on their day to day life. Although designed to use at Family Nights, I can easily see how individual teachers could take a number of these activities and use them during classroom instruction. With the clear information in this book, more families will become more confident about how to discuss math with their children, helping them develop more skills and a more positive attitude about math." – Darcy Hutchins, Director of Family Partnerships, Colorado Department of Education