1st Edition

Family Medicine The Classic Papers

Edited By Michael Kidd, Iona Heath, Amanda Howe Copyright 2017
    446 Pages 322 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    446 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Containing papers carefully compiled for both their historical importance and contemporary relevance, Family Medicine: The Classic Papers brings together a team of experts, led by global family medicine leaders Michael Kidd, Iona Heath and Amanda Howe, who explain the importance of each selected paper and how it contributes to international health care, current practice and research.

    The papers demonstrate the broad scope of primary health care delivered by family doctors around the world, showcasing some of the most important research ever carried out in family medicine and primary care. This unique volume will serve as an inspiration to current family doctors and family medicine researchers and educators, as well as to doctors in training, medical students and emerging researchers in family medicine.

    1. Arthur Conan Doyle on Medical humanism and our values as family doctors (1894)
    Anna Stavdal (Norway)

    2. Joseph Collings on The transformation of family medicine into a distinct medical discipline (1950)
    Michael Kidd (Australia)

    3. Cees van den Dool on Anticipatory Medicine - prevention as part of the consultation in family medicine (1970)
    Chris van Weel (the Netherlands)

    4. Julian Tudor Hart on The Inverse Care Law (1971)
    Andy Haines (United Kingdom)

    5. Charles Bridges-Webb on How family medicine research can lead to systematic understanding of health and illness within a local community (1973)
    Jane Gunn (Australia)

    6. Ian McWhinney on Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in Family Practice (1979)
    Roger Strasser (Canada)

    7. Gayle Stephens on The intellectual basis of family practice (1982)
    Raman Kumar (India)

    8. James W Mold and colleagues on the shift to goal-oriented medical care (1991)
    Jan De Maeseneer (Belgium)

    9. James McCormick on The place of judgement in medicine (1994)
    Iona Heath (United Kingdom)

    10. Cynthia Haq and colleagues on The development of family medicine around the world (1995)
    Luisa Pettigrew (United Kingdom)

    11. The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) on Training the world’s rural family medicine workforce (1995)
    John Wynn Jones (Wales)

    12. Ian McWhinney on The importance of being different (1996)
    Ruth Wilson (Canada)

    13. Alastair McColl, Helen Smith and colleagues on Family doctors and evidence based medicine (1998)
    Lubna Al-Ansary (Saudi Arabia)

    14. Chris van Weel and Walter Rosser on The contribution of family medicine research to improving global health care (2004)
    Waris Qidwai (Pakistan)

    15. Igor Svab and colleagues on Family Medicine development in Eastern Europe (2004)
    Bohumil Seifert (Czech Republic)

    16. John Gabbay and Andrée le May on New perspectives on evidence-based medicine (2004)
    Trisha Greenhalgh (United Kingdom)

    17. Barbara Starfield and colleagues on The contribution of primary care to health systems and health (2005)
    Shannon Barkley (United States of America)

    18. Julio Ceitlin on The development of family medicine in Latin America (2006)
    Maria Inez Padula Anderson (Brazil)

    19. Paul Little and colleagues on The importance of research in family medicine (2006)
    Felicity Goodyear-Smith (New Zealand)

    20. James Macinko and colleagues on Family Medicine development in Brazil (2006)
    > Gustavo Gusso (Brazil)

    21. Barbara Starfield on Global health, equity and primary care (2007)
    Katherine Rouleau (Canada)

    22. Harvey Chochinov on Dignity and the essence of medicine (2007)
    Garth Manning (Thailand)

    23. The World Health Organization on Primary Care: putting people first (2008)
    Antoinette Perera (Sri Lanka)

    24. Kurt Stange and Robert Ferrer on The paradox of primary care (2009)
    Andrew Bazemore (United States of America)

    25. Charles Boelen and Bob Woollard on Social accountability and medical education (2009)
    Allyn Walsh (Canada)

    26. Bob Mash and Steve Reid on Family medicine in Africa (2010)
    Shabir Moosa (South Africa)

    27. Karen Barnett, Stewart Mercer and colleagues on Multimorbidity (2012)
    Amanda Howe (United Kingdom)

    28. Leiyu Shi on The impact of primary care and the importance of indicators (2012)
    Kate Anteyi (Nigeria)

    29. Iona Heath on The art of doing nothing (2012)
    Job Metsemakers (the Netherlands)

    30. The State Council of the People's Republic of China on Family medicine development in China (2013)
    Shanzhu Zhu (China) and Donald KT Li (Hong Kong)

    31. Amogh Basnyat on Family medicine transforming rural primary care in Nepal (2013)
    Pratap Prasad (Nepal)

    32. The World Health Organization on Family medicine development in the nations of the Middle East (2014)
    Faisal Alnasir (Bahrain)

    33. Roger Ruiz Moral and colleagues on The challenge of assisting people in improving adherence to medications (2015)
    Christos Lionis (Greece)


    Professor Michael Kidd is a family doctor, primary care researcher and medical educator and dean of the faculty of health sciences based at Flinders University in Australia.He is a past president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and has been a member of the WONCA world executive since 2004. In 2013 he took on Presidency.

    "Don’t miss the advice each contributor would have given to their younger self – there are some gems there that will be of particular use to new starters in general practice who should also find the entire volume a sound introduction to the foundation of their new profession…. Family medicine: The classic papers evocatively details the rich philosophical, scientific and humanistic basis of ourprofession. With its expansive perspective of thought, grab this book, take time out and take stock. Take a journey through the vista of the profession’s wisdom and have a good think. It will make you a better GP."
    —Dr Ronald McCoy Education Strategy Senior Advisor, RACGP, Australian Family Physician

    "This book provides an extraordinary view of family medicine around the world and helps emphasize the importance of primary care at a time in medicine when specialty care tends to grab the attention of the media and the public."
    —100/100, 5 stars, Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP(Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), Doody’s Book Review Service