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    by Eye On Education

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    by Eye On Education

    Host family reading nights at your school! These events promote literacy outside of the classroom and encourage families to get involved in their children’s achievement. They also build relationships among educators, families, and community partners. This practical book is full of step-by-step guidelines and reproducible activities to help you bring family reading nights to life in your own school or district.

    Special Features:

    • The book is organized by month of the school year, so you can quickly find activities that meet your needs
    • Each activity is easy to implement and includes a page of instructions for teacher-leaders and an activity page for families
    • An appendix provides all of the forms you need to get your Family Reading Night started, including invitations and registration sheets
    • All of the family activities can be photocopied or downloaded for free from our website, www.routledge.com/books/details/9781138021471, so that you can print and distribute them during your event

    This enhanced second edition includes connections to the Common Core State Standards for reading. It also features a special new appendix with all of the family activities translated into Spanish, to help more families get involved!

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Chapter 2: Books We Love! Family Reading Night (September)

    Chapter 3: Scary Stories Family Night (October)

    Chapter 4: Family Funny Reading Night (November)

    Chapter 5: Celebrations and Traditions Family Reading Night (December)

    Chapter 6: Reading Olympics Family Night (January)

    Chapter 7: Stories and Tales Family Night (February)

    Chapter 8: Dr. Seuss Family Night (March)

    Chapter 9: Poetry Family Night (April)

    Chapter 10: Biography Family Night (May)

    Chapter 11: Summer Reading Family Night (June)

    Appendix A: Forms for Planning Family Reading Nights

    Appendix B: Spanish Translations of Activities


    Darcy J. Hutchins, Ph.D., is the Family Partnership Director for the Colorado Department of Education (CDE).  She provides support to districts to increase family engagement, with attention to parent participation on school and district accountability committees. 

    Marsha D. Greenfeld, Senior Program Facilitator at the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS), provides professional development to help leaders implement, improve, and sustain goal-linked programs of family and community involvement.

    Joyce L. Epstein, Ph.D., is founder and director of NNPS at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Epstein has over 100 publications on the nature and effects of family and community involvement.

    "Have you been looking for an engaging way to increase student achievement in reading, while increasing parental involvement at your school? Well, look no further. Darcy Hutchins, Marsha Greenfeld, and Joyce Epstein have created the perfect resource. Their book is full of detailed literacy activities designed to get parents involved and improve literacy among our students."

    --Michelle Shipley, Principal, Painted Stone Elementary, Shelbyville, KY 

    "The authors have carefully prepared a resource that will help busy schools plan enjoyable family events that can be a learning experience for all. I love the CCSS links and the activity pages for teachers/planners and families/participants. The pages in Spanish are a wonderful addition and make it easier for planners to plan and Spanish-speaking families to participate. I can't wait to use this book!"

    --Jacqueline Tostado, Literacy Coach, Paul Revere Intermediate School, Blue Island, IL