1st Edition

Family Therapy Around the World A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow

By William Nichols Copyright 2004
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    An international celebration of the work of Florence W. Kaslow!

    Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow celebrates the life and work of the distinguished family therapist with an international collection of essays that reflects the dynamic state of clinical practice, research, and theory. Professionals and practitioners from 15 countries honor Dr. Kaslow’s pioneering contributions to family therapy and family psychology by offering practical solutions to the real, everyday problems that affect today’s world. The essays are varied and extensive, incorporating cultural and social factors to explore new territory in family therapy through cutting-edge research, clinical cases, and theoretical developments.

    Family Therapy Around the World recognizes the profound influence of Dr. Kaslow, who was instrumental in the adoption of the Journal of Family Psychotherapy as the official journal of the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA). The spirit of her work flows through the book’s essays, which represent the latest thinking and practice developments from clinicians, theoreticians, and researchers around the world. The book paints a clear portrait of the current state of family therapy across the globe, including contributions from Japan; the United Kingdom; Israel; India; Argentina; Russia; Sweden; Iceland; Yugoslavia; Italy; Australia; Norway; Chile; and the United States.

    Topics examined in Family Therapy Around the World include:

    • salutogenic family therapy (Sweden)
    • working with abusing families (United Kingdom)
    • family life in an atmosphere of chronic stress and social transformation (Yugoslavia)
    • adult children dealing with parental divorce (Italy)
    • exploring culture in practice (United Kingdom and India)
    • fathers who make a difference (Argentina)
    • sex avoidance among young couples (Israel)
    • working toward triadic communication with problematic families (Japan)
    • and much more!
    For decades, Dr. Florence Kaslow has been an active practitioner, editor, author, teacher, and researcher. Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow represents a small sampling of the effect her work has had on the family therapy community across the globe.

    • Preface: Florence W. Kaslow, PhD: An Appreciation
    • Introduction to Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift to Florence Kaslow (Terry S. Trepper)
    • Family Life in the Context of Chronic Stress and Dramatic Social Transformation in Yugoslavia (Branko Gacic, Vera Trbic, Milan Markovic, and Lazar Nikolic)
    • The Theme of the Family in Contemporary Society and Positive Family Psychology (Alexander Shapiro)
    • Sense of Coherence as a Meta-Theory for Salutogenic Family Therapy (Kjell Hansson and Marianne Cederblad)
    • Development and Influences on Family Therapy in Iceland: Festschrift to Florence Kaslow (Toby Sigrun Herman)
    • A Treatise on Doors and Bridges (Carol L. Philpot)
    • Exploring Culture in Practice: A Few Facets of a Training Course (Reenee Singh)
    • Toward Triadic Communication: A Crisis in Japanese Family Relationships (Etsuko Sato Vosburg)
    • Working with Abusing Families: General Issues and a Systemic Perspective (Arnon Bentovim)
    • Fathers Who Make a Difference (Pedro Herscovici)
    • Death Does Not Do Us Part (Wencke J. Seltzer)
    • Understanding and Treating the Family in Argentina (Cecile Rausch Herscovici)
    • The Family Chess Board and Projective Genogramming: Two Tools for Exploring Family Systems (Sandra E. S. Neil)
    • Childhood Background of Homelessness in a Chilean Urban Center (Arturo Roizblatt, Javier Cerda, Carolina Conejero, Marcela Flores, Christian Fau, Felipe González, Gustavo Quijada, Alberto Botto, and Carolina Muñiz)
    • Study of “Sex-Less” (Sex-Avoidant) Young Couples (Israel W. Charny and Shlomit Asineli-Tal)
    • How Do Young Adult Children Deal with Parental Divorce? A Generational Prospect (Eugenia Scabini and Vittorio Cigoli)
    • Family Togetherness: The Impact of Florrie Kaslow’s Contributions on Her Family of Procreation (Nadine J. Kaslow, Solis Kaslow, and Howard I. Kaslow)
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    William Nichols