1st Edition

Family Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents

By Anthony P. Jurich Copyright 2008
    288 Pages
    by Routledge

    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book describes a blend of insight-oriented, behavioral, and strategic family therapy, which the author has developed over thirty-four years of dealing with suicidal adolescents. It aims not to replace other forms of therapy but to augment the therapist’s own therapeutic style.

    The book offers an informative and personally told story bringing together scholarship and meaningful glimpses into the thought processes of suicidal youth. Written in an understandable, friendly, and practical style, it will appeal to those in clinical practice, as well as graduate-level students pursuing clinical work.

    Selekman, Foreword. Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction: The Journey Begins. Formulations of Suicide: Examining the Nature of the Beast. Adolescent Suicide: Why is Adolescence Such a Fertile Breeding Ground? Factors in Adolescent Suicide: The Seeds That Bear Bitter Fruit. The Therapeutic Framework for Intervention: A Strategy for Family Therapy. Crisis Intervention: Balancing on the Edge of the Cliff. Joining: Convincing the Adolescent That This Does Not Have to be a Solitary Battle. Analysis: Understanding How the Adolescent Has Been Seduced. Cognitive Interventions: Freeing the Mind from Destructive Ways of Thinking. Behavioral Interventions: When Actions Speak Louder Than Words. Strategic Interventions: The Art of Overcoming the Fear of Change. Epilogue.


    Anthony P. Jurich

    “Family Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents is an eminently practical book, giving clear guidelines on assessing and treating youngsters who express a wish to end their lives, and involving their families as the central resource is preventing this tragedy. It will be invaluable to both experienced clinicians and novices alike.”
    - Alan Carr, professor, University College Dublin, and associate editor of the Journal of Family Therapy
    This book is an absolute must read for those who would work with youth. This respected scholar draws from the experiences found in his distinguished career to clearly explain the dynamics of the suicidal youth experience. His conceptualization of these issues within Hill’s ABCX stress model is to be commended for its clarity and usefulness in addressing the needs of these young people.”
    - Thomas P. Gullotta, CEO, Child and Family Agency and editor emeritus of the Journal of Primary Prevention

    "The book offers an informative and personally told story, bringing together scholarship and meaningful glimpses into the thought process of suicidal youth. Written in an understandable, friendly, and practical style, it will appeal to those in clinical practice, as well as to graduate-level students pursuing clinical work." - Jonathan Kroll, Book Review Editor of Family Therapy - The Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psychology


    "[Family Therapy with Suicidal Adolescents] offers a developmentally sensitive, clinically nuanced, and ethically responsible compendium of a coherent synthesis of strategies. The text is also noteworthy for its helpful discussions of therapist issues that potentially affect the ability of a therapist to work effectively with suicidal adolescents or their families. This comination makes the Jurich text a good primer for early career clinicians working with this target population and a nice refresher for the more experienced clinician as well. "

    "As a whole, this is a valuable resource for clinicans working with adolescents. Because of its high incidence and critical nature of suicidality in this population, it is an always timely topic for those engaged in this area of practice."

    -William L. Hathaway, PsycCRITIQUES, Volume 53, Issue 40

    "…provides a fantastic foundation for all mental health practitioners working with adolescents. This book provides a thorough framework for understanding factors surrounding adolescent suicide and for working with suicidal adolescents and their families…Jurich blends research, practice, and developmental concepts of adolescence in a well-balanced, integrative approach that would assist clinicians at any developmental level to more effectively serve clients dealing with this sensitive yet often under-recognized issue … Jurich makes an important contribution to the mental health field by broaching such a sensitive issue in a way that is readily applicable by practitioners…The richness of this book lies in the summation of Jurich’s years of clinical experience and research focus with suicidal adolescents."

    – Matthew Brosi and Julianna Weaver, Death Studies