1st Edition

Family and Population Changes in Singapore A unique case in the global family change

Edited By Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, Shu Hu Copyright 2018
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book depicts the evolution of Singapore’s family and population landscape in the last half a century, the related public policies, and future challenges. Since the country gained independence in 1965, family and population policies have been integral to her nation-building strategies. The chapters discuss the changes in population compositions, family structures, relations, and values among major ethnic groups. They also discuss policies for vulnerable populations such as female-headed households, cross-cultural families, same-sex partnering, the elderly, and low-income families.

    Notes on contributors

    1. Continuity and Changes in Singapore Population and Family (Wei-Jun Jean Yeung and Shu Hu)
    2. Origin and Transition of Singapore Families (Zheng Mu and Shu Hu)
    3. Dual-income Households among Singapore Malay Families: Changing Economy, Unchanging Gender Roles (Suriani Suratman and Maznah Mohamad)
    4. ‘Indians’ under official multiracialism in Singapore: Unpacking Heterogeneity (Lavanya Balachandran)
    5. Falling Short: Class and the Performance of the Familial (Youyenn Teo)
    6. Intergenerational support to and from older Singaporeans (Bina Gubhaju, Angelique Chan and Truls Østbye)
    7. Policy approaches to aging in Singapore: Tackling the limits of the family in supporting seniors (Leng Leng Thang and Johan Suen)
    8. Divorced and Never-married Mothers in Singapore: Practices, Challenges and Hopes (Sharon Quah and Shawna Tang)
    9. Cross-cultural Families in Singapore: Transnational Marriages and Divorces (Sharon Quah)
    10. Same-sex Partnering and Same-sex Parented Families in Singapore (Shawna Tang)
    11. Conclusion (Wei-Jun Jean Yeung)



    Wei-Jun Jean Yeung is Provost Chair Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Asia Research Institute and Founding Director of the Center for Family and Population at National University of Singapore.

    Hu Shu is a Joint Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute and the Centre for Family and Population Research at National University of Singapore.