1st Edition

Fanon In Search of the African Revolution

By L. Adele Jinadu Copyright 1986
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1986. Fanon: In Search of the African Revolution is different from other books on Fanon in that it approaches him as both a political philosopher and political sociologist of the African experience. It suggests that Fanon's political writings be viewed in terms of his concern with how relations are structured in colonial and post-colonial Africa and the implications of those structural arrangements for political conflict in Africa. Fanon's attempt to explain the pathologies and contradictions of African politics in terms of class and the historical processes that influence and constrain class political behavior is provocative and insightful. But the moral dimension that informs Fanon's theoretical perspectives is no less important, if only because it attests to his strong advocacy of the need for revolutionary change as a condition for the restructuring of African political systems.

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -- PART I: PROLOGUE -- Introduction -- PART I I: THE POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY OF COLONIAL SOCIETY -- 2 Fanon’s Model of Colonial Society - I -- 3 Fanon’s Model of Colonial Society - II -- 4 The Moral Justification of Violence -- 5 Toward a Fanonian Theory of Revolution -- PART III: THE POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY OF POSTCOLONIAL AFRICA -- 6 Commitment and the Moral Basis of Political Action -- 7 Fanon’s Theory of African Politics and Underdevelopment -- 8 Some Policy Implications -- PART IV: EPILOGUE -- 9 Frantz: A Review and an Assessment -- BIBLIOGRAPHY -- INDEX.


    L. Adele Jinadu,