1st Edition

Fashion & Merchandising Fads

ISBN 9781560230311
Published July 7, 1994 by Routledge
328 Pages

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Book Description

Fads by nature and by definition are hard to capture, yet Hoffmann and Bailey have captured over one hundred of the passing fashion fancies and merchandising miracles during America’s short history in their latest collection of fads, Fashion & Merchandising Fads.

Life devoid of fads is impossible to imagine, and the fads that do enter our lives become vehicles for amusement upon retrospection. How long any fad stays in vogue is anybody’s guess, but Hoffmann and Bailey have again found those fads that somehow took root and flourished, if only for a short period of time, in America. Concise entries describe each fad from its beginning to its demise and its devout followers. Readers are sure to recognize many of the trends and fads collected in Fashion & Merchandising Fads.

A browse through the contents will have readers smiling as they remember

  • Alex, Stroh’s Beer-Drinking Dog and “Baby On Board” Stickers
  • Barbie Dolls and Celebrity Perfumes
  • Convertibles, Digital Watches, and Drive-In Banking
  • Garfield, G. I. Joe, and Handbags for Men
  • Knickers and Matchbox Cars
  • The Model T and the Mustang
  • Paper Dolls and Rubik’s Cube
  • Silly Putty, the Slinky, and Synthetics in Clothes
  • Top Hats, the Trilby, and Twiggy
  • VCRs, Yuppies, and Zubaz

    Each fad featured in Fashion & Merchandising Fads is examined thoroughly and concisely by the authors. They look at the historical setting, how the trend became popular, and the people most fascinated and involved with the trend. References follow each entry to make further reading on each fad a relatively easy task for those intrigued by fads. As fads enter and encompass society for a period of time, this collection of fads, arranged alphabetically, is sure to captivate readers from beginning to end, or, in a world of fads, from the A-2 Flight Jacket to the Zipper.

Table of Contents


  • Introduction
  • The A-2 Flight Jacket
  • The Afro
  • Aiming Toward Punk
  • Alex, The Stroh’s Beer-Drinking Dog
  • Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution
  • The B-B-B Sweatshirt
  • “Baby on Board” Stickers
  • Baglets
  • The Barbie Doll
  • Bedecked Beach Hats
  • The Belle Epoch
  • Black Dolls
  • Blazers for Women
  • Blue Jeans
  • Bowlers for Women
  • Byronic Locks
  • Celebrity Perfumes
  • Chalk White Cosmetics
  • The Chase Doll
  • The Chemise
  • Citypants
  • The Conk
  • Convertibles
  • The Corset
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Cracker Jack
  • The Tony Curtis Hairstyle
  • The D. A.
  • The “Dammit” (Troll) Doll
  • The Derby
  • Digital Watches
  • The Dodge Rebellion
  • Dolls With Human Faces
  • The Drinking Man’s Diet
  • Drive-in Banking
  • Electronic Clothes
  • Fallout Shelters
  • The Feather Wave Cut and the Revival of Hairpins
  • The Five-Gallon Hat
  • Flashfashions
  • Footsees
  • G. I. Joe
  • Garfield
  • The Gatsby Look
  • The Gibson Girl
  • Glitter Tops
  • Greasy Kid Stuff
  • Hacky Sack
  • Handbags for Men
  • Hood Ornaments as Jewelry
  • Hoop Skirts
  • Hot Pants
  • Ironing Hair
  • Jax Slacks
  • Jumpsuits
  • Kewpie Dolls
  • Knickers
  • Koosh Balls
  • The Veronica Lake Hairstyle
  • Leg-of-Mutton Sleeves
  • The Licensing of Familiar Media Characters
  • Long Hair on Men
  • Macrobiotic Food
  • Madras Plaid Clothing
  • The Mail-Order Catalog Business
  • Marilyke Dresses
  • Master Mind
  • Matchbox Vehicles
  • Men’s Pajamas
  • Microwave Ovens
  • The Midi
  • The Model T
  • Musical Toys By Mattel
  • The Mustang
  • The Nerd Look
  • The New York World’s Fair of 1939
  • 900 Numbers
  • 1950s Teen Fashions
  • Nostalgia
  • Oopsie Daisy
  • The Op-Yop
  • Paper Dolls
  • Patches Worn on Women’s Faces
  • The Perky Girl
  • Pet Rocks
  • The Philly Cut
  • Pierced Ears
  • Pigs
  • The Pill
  • Plugging Products on the Silver Screen
  • Ponytails for Men
  • Prince Charles Cut
  • Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
  • The Rice Diet
  • Rollerblades
  • Rompers
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Saddle Shoes
  • The Vidal Sassoon Haircut
  • The Scarsdale Medical Diet
  • The Shapka
  • Short Shorts
  • Silly Putty
  • The Simpsons
  • Sleex
  • The Slinky
  • Slot Car Racing
  • Sock Shops
  • Sports Sandals
  • Spring Breaks on the Florida Beaches
  • Stick-on Initials
  • The Straw Boater
  • Stuffed Pandas
  • Sunglasses
  • Super Ball
  • The Swinging London Look
  • Synthetics in Clothes
  • T-Shirts
  • Tailfins on Cars
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  •  Tie-Dye Fashions
  • Tights
  • Top Hats
  • Toy Giveaways at Fast-Food Restaurants
  • The Trilby
  • The Turtleneck
  • Tutus for Young Girls
  • Twiggy
  • The Tylenol Scare
  • Unisex
  • The Velcro Ball and Mitt Set
  • Video Cassette Recorders
  • The Watchman
  • Wigs for Men
  • Women’s Adoption of Men’s Clothing
  • Young Vulgarians
  • Yuppies
  • The Zipper
  • Zoot-Suits
  • Zubaz
  • Index

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