1st Edition

Fashion Marketing an anthology of viewpoints and perspectives

    First published in 1973, Fashion Marketing is intended for all whose work is linked to the vagaries of fashion or who are simply fascinated by the subject. Although much of the evidence and material collected here is related to textiles and clothing in particular, businessmen are becoming increasingly aware that fashion now extends its influence beyond its traditional fields. The fickleness of fashion has previously discouraged detailed analysis of trends, and such significant contributions to the literature as have been made often occur in the most unlikely places. It was this inaccessibility which led to the preparation of the present volume, which developed out of the considerable research activity into textile markets by the editors, first at the University of Bradford, and more recently at the Cranfield School of Management to which their research work was transferred in 1972. This book will be of interest to students of business, economics, marketing and fashion.

    Introduction Gordon Wills and Martin Christopher 1. The Styling and Transmission of Fashions Historically Considered Dwight E. Robinson 2. The Evils of ‘Fashion’ Ada Heather Bigg 3. Three Centuries of Women’s Dress Fashions Jane Richardson and A. L. Kroeber 4. Recurring Cycles of Fashion Agnes Brook Young 5. The Fate of Fashion Cycles in our Modern Society James M. Carman 6. Fashion, Sumptuary Laws and Business Herman Freudenberger 7. The Limits of Fashion Control Nancy Koplin Jack and Betty Schiffer 8. Consumer Fashion Caroline A. Foley 9. Fashion Georg Simmel 10. Character and Direction of Fashion Movements Paul Nystorm 11. A Note on the Trickle Effect Lloyd A. Fallers 12. A Rebuttal to the ‘Trickle Down’ Theory Charles W. King 13. The Forces of Fashion J. C. Flugel 14. Fashion Leaders Elihu Katz and Paul Lazarsfeld 15. The Diffusion of Fashion Ingrid Brenninkmeyer 16. The Dynamics of Innovation Roy Hayhurst 17. ‘Le Bleu est a la Mode Cette Annee’ Roland Barthes 18. Fashion Herbert Blumer 19. What Makes Fashion? Hardy Amies 20. Fashion in Women’s Clothes and the American Social System Bernard Barber and Lyle S. Lobel 21. Cars and Clothing William H. Reynold 22. Taste and Fashion since the French Revolution James Laver 23. The Natural History of Fads Rolf Meyersohn and Elihu Katz 24. Themes in Cosmetics and Grooming Murray Wax 25. Fashion in Christian Names D. Sheppard 26. The Seamless Stocking Saga David Midgley 27. Fashion Theory and Product Design Dwight F. Robinson 28. How Predictable are Fashion and other Product Life Cyles? Chester R. Wasson 29. The Identity of Women’s Clothing Fashion Opinion Leaders John O. Summers 30. Colour Trends and Consumer Preference E. P. Danger 31. Product Strategy and Management in British Textile Industries Saddik Saddik and Gordon Wills


    Edited by Gordon Wills, David Midgley, Martin Christopher and Roy Hayhurst