1st Edition

Fashion, Popular Culture and Political Economy

By Nirupama Singh Dar Copyright 2025
    366 Pages
    by Routledge India

    366 Pages
    by Routledge India

    This book delves into the intricate interplay of political, economic, and philosophic forces that have shaped popular culture, fashion, social movements and societies. Exploring the developments of the twentieth century and the transition into the new millennium, this work traces the causality between culture, fashion, philosophical discourses, and political economy. It analyses political-economic and philosophical factors to demonstrate how fashion emerges as a pivotal force that guides and shapes post-modern democratic societies and market economies.

    The volume weaves together insights from sociology, cultural studies, feminist studies, fashion history, cinematography, media, entertainment industry, and social policy research. It examines how postmodern societies shaped by post-structuralist critique and neo-liberal ideologies, navigates the complexities of democracy and market economies, evolving from deeply entrenched systems of colonialism and feudalism to achieve modernization and massive technological progress and reach a social reality of postmodernist paradigms.

    Topical and lucid, this invigorating work shows how fashion leads to social engineering. It will be of interest to scholars and researchers of fashion studies, popular culture, cultural studies, sociology, gender studies, political economy and political studies. This book also provides valuable perspectives for policymakers, film critics, women's rights groups, social policy researchers, film censor boards, and journalists.


    1. Foundations Of Popular Culture and Fashion in Capitalist Societies

    2. Capitalism's Favourite Child 'Fashion' Theorized

    3. Fashion's Blistering Ontologies:  Establishment of The Fashion Industry in Paris in 1845

    4. Popular Culture in India at The Turn of the 19th Century: India’s Rise Against Anti-Dance Laws of The British Rule and The Birth of Dance Movement in India

    5. Popular Culture in Early Twentieth Century: Ghadar Nationalists and Their Contribution to India' S Freedom (India 1874 Onwards)

    6. Bloomsbury Bohemians of England and Their Philosophies of Decolonisation 1900-1940s

    7. Beginning Of Global Feminist Movement and Its Iconization in The Gibson Girl and The New Woman

    8. End Of First World War and The Rise of Popular Culture in The West: Coming of The Flapper- First Look Emerging from The Break Between Ancient Times and Modernity

    9. Birth Of Modern Haute Couture. Rise Of Two Great Fashion Icons in Paris: Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli

    10. Hollywood And Fashion: Rise of Fashion’s Romantic Hero ‘Christian Dior’

    11. Manhattan Project, Atomic Bombings, End of Second World War and The Rise of Hate Politics and Its Effects on American Society and Hollywood 1940s Onwards 

    12. Literature And Philosophy Changing Societies:  The Beat Generation and The Coming of Existentialism to Popular Culture in The Us - 1950s

    13. Cold War Escalations, Charismatic Leadership of Martin Luther King and JFK And the Birth of The Hippy Movement (1940s - 1960s)

    14. Introduction of Yves Saint Laurent to The Haute Couture Industry and The Democratisation of Fashion

    15. The Arrival of Balenciaga, Balmain and Givenchy on The Fashion Scene and The Return of Coco Chanel to Paris 1950s

    16. The Coming of Karl Lagerfeld, Courrgeous, Valentino, Mary Quant and Paco Rabanne on to The Fashion Scene Of 1960s

    17. From Monique Wittig to Material Girl: The Rewriting of Feminist Epistemology 

    18. Establishment Of the Modelling Industry and The Rise of Playboy Politics: From Self Possession to Objectification 1970s Onwards

    19. The Beginnings of Postmodernism: Unshackling of The Body by Punks and The Changing of the Social Gaze - 1980s

    20. 1990s And the Rise of a New World: The Breakdown of Berlin Wall and Apartheid and The End of The Age of Supermodels

    21. The Beginning of Liberalisation in India and The End of License Raj - 1990s

    22. Bollywood: From Existential Angst to Postmodernism of Resistance

    23. Postmodernist Culture and International Politics at The Turn of The Millennium - 2000s 

    24. Demystifying Love: Theoretical Underpinnings of Sexuality, Fashion and Popular Culture

    25. Future Of Fashion: How the Coming Together of Two Women Changed the World Forever - 2010 Onwards

    26. The Me Too Movement: The Coming of Feminism to Hollywood and The Corporate World - 2017-2023

    27. The Disambiguation of Plato and The Repositioning of Medusa: Roadmap to The Future


    Nirupama Singh Dar is a sociologist who works in the areas of fashion, popular culture and feminism. She has done her post graduate studies, Doctorate and Post Doctoral research from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Being the first doctorate on fashion in India, she pioneered fashion research in India. She also studied Design at National institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and has been designing collections for her brand Body Politic. Her design work has been chronicled by the Indian embassy in Paris in their magazine Nouvelle De L'Inde. Dr Dar is the director of Fashion Research Foundation. She consults on fashion and lectures on Sociology of Fashion and Popular Culture.