1st Edition

Fate and Transport of Heavy Metals in the Vadose Zone

By I.K. Iskandar, H. Magdi Selim Copyright 1999
    344 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The chapters of this book were originally presented at the Fourth International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements, in June 1997 at Berkeley, California. The results of that symposium are now available to assist both specialists and those concerned with broader environmental issues.
    The first four chapters of Fate and Transport of Heavy Metals in the Vadose Zone are devoted to sorption-desorption processes. Subjects include the kinetics of trace metal sorption-desorption, adsorption of nickel and their isotherms, cadmium reactions, and retention mechanisms of both linear and nonlinear types.
    The next three sections describe complexation and speciation processes. The authors consider the effect of humic and fulvic acids, the binding of copper with organic matter, and the rate of dissolved selenium.
    Chapters eight through eleven scrutinize the bioavailability and retention of heavy metals and their mobility in the vadose zone. Twelve details plant-available concentration levels for heavy metals in the vadose zone. The last section relates case studies that are relevant to environmental affairs.


    Sorption Kinetics of Trace Elements in Soils and Soil Materials - D.G. Strawn and D.L. Sparks
    Adsorption Isotherms of Nickel in Acid Forest Soils - F. Zehetner and W.W. Wenzel
    Sorption-Desorption Equilibria and Dynamics of Cadmium During Transport in Soil - R.S. Kookana, R. Naidu, D.A. Barry, Y.T. Tran, and K. Bajracharya
    Modeling the Kinetics of Heavy Metals Reactivity in Soils- H. Magdi Selim
    Copper Retention as Affected by Complex Formation with Tartaric and Fulvic Acids - A.A. Ponizovsky, T.A. Studenikina, and E.V. Mironenko
    Copper Mobility and Bioavailabilty in Relation with Chemical Speciation in Sandy Soil - E.J.M. Temminghoff, M.P.J.C. Marinussen, and S.E.A.T.M. Van der Zee
    Selenium Speciation in Soil Water: Experimental and Model Predictions - K.J. Reddy
    Influence of Reducing Conditions on the Mobility of Divalent Trace Metals in Soils - P. Cambier and R. Charlatchka
    Lead Mobilization in Calcareous Agricultural Soils - C. Pérez-Sirvent, J. Martínez-Sánchez, and C. García-Rizo
    Metal Retention and Mobility as Influenced by Some Organic Residues Added to Soils: A Case Study - Luis Madrid
    The Rhizosphere and Trace Element Acquisition in Soils - G.R. Gobran, S. Clegg, and F. Courchesne
    Distribution of Ecologically Significant Fractions of Selected Heavy Metals in the Soil Profile - T. Németh, K. Bujtás, J. Csillag, G. Pártay, A. Lukács, and M.Th. van Genuchten
    Heavy Metal Contamination in Industrial Areas and Old Deserted Sites: Investigation, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Remedial Concepts - I. Twardowska, S. Schulte-Hostede, and A.A.F. Kettrup


    I.K. Iskandar, H. Magdi Selim