1st Edition

Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health A Guide for Recognition, Treatment and Management

By Jane Hanley, Mark Williams Copyright 2020
    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    156 Pages
    by Routledge

    It is only in recent years that there has been development in the awareness of the father’s mental health. Yet, the father’s mental health can influence the mother, the infant, the family and society. This book seeks to address the reasons why the father or the potential father could suffer from a mental disorder or illness during the perinatal period, his reactions, and what can be done to help him.

    The book explores the way in which fathers’ mental health has presented in the past and how it presents now. It looks at the father’s attitudes towards his mental well-being and how he may self-manage and self-medicate. It examines the impact and influence the potential father and the father’s mental health has on his partner, infant and children. The reasons for certain disorders and illnesses are outlined, along with how they may manifest and are managed. Treatment options and types of medication are discussed and the ways in which the father can access the best possible help and support. Stories from fathers who have suffered from a particular mental illness or condition help others to understand both the practicalities and realities.

    The uniqueness of the shared stories from fathers highlights why recognition treatment and management are important to help other fathers improve their relationship with their partner and infant and to improve their own wellbeing. The book is intended to help health practitioners and anyone who is concerned about fathers’ mental health.

    01. Introduction  02. Importance of Good Perinatal Mental Health  03. Exploring the Types and Manifestation of Disorders  04. The Types of Conditions  05. Cross Cutting Themes  06. The Involvement of the Father  07. Treatment and Management Techniques  08. Lifestyle Factors  09. Pharmaceutical Interventions  10. Conclusion


    Jane Hanley has had an interest in perinatal mental health for almost forty years. She has written, trained and lectured extensively on maternal and paternal mental health, both nationally and internationally. Jane has had two other books published on perinatal mental health.

    Mark Williams is an author, speaker and international campaigner. In 2004 he himself experienced depression and anxiety after his son was born and has enhanced his knowledge after speaking to hundreds of parents since 2011. He has spoken on television and radio stations around the world and co-founded 'International Father's Mental Health Day'.

    "I would thoroughly recommend this book to students, qualified midwives and the wider multi-professional team, because poor mental health can affect anyone at any time and its impact can affect the health of the future generations."

    -Annette Ballard, The Practising Midwife

    "The book is a great resource, providing information on how a father can be affected by mental health issues during the perinatal stages and the impact it can have on all of those involved during this important stage of life. It covers all types of ways that it can manifest, and offers some great advice too. Thanks to Jane and Mark for getting this book together, it will be so beneficial to many"

    - Ashley Curry, volunteer for OCD Action and Maternal OCD, keynote speaker for the NHS and the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Lay Member and researcher for Tourette’s Action and teacher of IAPT therapists for OCD

    "This timely book arrives when the place of men in Western Society is poorly defined and less secure. Driven by post-industrial economics, the role of the woman, Dr Hanley and Mr Williams suggest, has been recast as both breadwinner and mother, leaving the male partner excluded and vulnerable. These changes, they claim, lead to mental health problems for the entire family but most perniciously for fathers. Controversially, they propose a surprising champion for the status quo, which mitigates against scientific investigation."

    - Stephen Paul Jones, RMN, BA, MBA, Retired Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

    "This exceptional book by Mark Williams and Dr Jane Hanley is likely to quickly become the go-to resource for fathers’ mental health. Written expertly and sensitively, it covers everything we need to know about diagnoses and conditions, the impact on the whole family, infant bonding and interaction, and crucial information on treatment and management. This book will shatter the stigma that fathers face and help make it more likely that they will come forward to get the support they need."

    - Dr Andrew Mayers, perinatal mental health expert, Bournemouth University