2nd Edition

Feedback Toolkit 16 Tools for Better Communication in the Workplace, Second Edition

By Rick Maurer Copyright 2011
    82 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    82 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    This book provides expert guidance on using feedback as a performance improvement tool. It includes many simple tools readers can use to improve feedback in their work unit. The book suggests that feedback works best when the giver and receiver realize that they are in a dance together.

    Using the Toolkit
    About Feedback
    When Feedback Works
    What Gets in the Way
    General Guidelines
    Applying the Guidelines
    The Importance of Dialogue

    Tools for Giving Feedback
    Learning from Mistakes
    A "What Are We Doing" Meeting
    Expectations for Exchange
    Project Debriefing
    How’s Our Team Doing?
    Management by Wandering Around
    Positive Feedback for Teams
    Conducting a Performance Review
    Acid Bath Feedback
    Providing Feedback as a Mentor
    Open-Book Management

    Tools for Receiving Feedback
    Preparing to Receive Feedback
    Guidelines for Receiving Feedback
    Don’t Forget SARA (Surprise, Anger, Rationalization, Acceptance)
    Feedback from Staff
    Feedback from Your Boss
    Feedback from Peers
    Feedback from a Coach
    Feedback from Questionnaires


    Rick Maurer is an advisor to leaders in large organizations on ways to plan and implement change successfully. He finds that leaders who can give feedback clearly and directly and receive feedback openly and with interest tend to lead change more effectively. Many organizations have applied Rick’s unique approach to leading change, including the Washington Post, Lockheed Martin, Deloitte Consulting, American Management Systems, AARP, Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, Bell Atlantic (Verizon), FAA, Mount Sinai NYU Medical Center, Charles Schwab, Sandia National Labs, Urban Library Institute, National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency, the District of Columbia Public Schools, the International Monetary Fund, and many other corporations, nonprofits, and federal and local agencies.

    His opinion has been sought by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NBC Nightly News, CNBC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, The Economist, USA Today, Industry Week, Fast Company, and Ivestors’ Business Daily. In addition to consulting and speaking, Rick teaches at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. He is the author of many books on leadership and change, including Beyond the Wall of Resistance, Why Don’t You Want What I Want? and The Change without Migraines Formula. For more information about his work visit www.rickmaurer.com and www.changemanagementnews.com(blog).

    Praise for the Bestselling First Edition:

    … a well-organized guide for creating open and honest communication in the workplace. This clearly written book is like having your own personal coach assisting you with techniques that foster productive interactions.
    —Nedra Weinstein, Principal, Arden Consulting