1st Edition

Feeding Mars Logistics In Western Warfare From The Middle Ages To The Present

By John A Lynn Copyright 1993
    338 Pages
    by Routledge

    340 Pages
    by Routledge

    Feeding Mars deals with logistics in western warfare across a broader time span and emphasizes the various ways in which the essential materials of war have been produced, acquired, and transported to fighting forces in the field.

    Part One: The Historiography of Logistics 1. Logistics and the Aristocratic Idea of War 2. The History of Logistics and Supplying War Part Two: Medieval Logistics, 400–1500 3. Byzantine Logistics: Problems and Perspectives 4. Logistics in Pre-Crusade Europe 5. Naval Logistics in the Late Middle Ages: The Example of the Hundred Years' War, Part Three: Early Modem Logistics, 1500–1815 6. The Logistics of Warfare at Sea in the Sixteenth Century: The Spanish Perspective 7. Food, Funds, and Fortresses: Resource Mobilization and Positional Warfare in the Campaigns of Louis XIV 8. Logistical Crisis and the American Revolution: A Hypothesis Part Four: Modern Logistics, 1815–1991 9. The Misfire of Civil War R&D 10. Forging the Trident: British Naval Industrial Logistics, 1914–1918 11. "Deuce and a Half": Selecting U.S. Army Trucks, 1920–1945 12. War Plans and Politics: Origins of the American Base of Supply in Vietnam