1st Edition

Feminism and Deconstruction

By Diane Elam Copyright 1994
    ISBN 9780415091664
    166 Pages
    Published August 1, 1994 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138425729
    Published June 28, 2017 by Routledge

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    At last - an intelligent and accessible introduction to the relationship between feminism and deconstruction.
    In this incisive and illuminating book, Diane Elam unravels:
    * the contemporary relevance of feminism and deconstruction
    * how we can still understand and talk about the materiality of women's bodies
    * whether gender can be distinguished from sex
    * the place of ethics and political action in the light of postmodernist theory.
    Clearly and brilliantly written, Feminism and Deconstruction is essential reading for anyone who needs a no-nonsense but stimulating guide through one of the mazes of contemporary theory.

    1. Unnecessary Introductions: Introductions, Definitions, Theories, Movements, Philosophies, Cross-Disciplines, And, Estrangement, Tool-Boxes and Pedagogics, The Abyss, Obligations 2. Questions of Women: Undetermined or Determined? Her-story or His-story? Gender or Sex? Linguistic or Material Girl? 3. Towards a Groundless Solidarity: Political Differences, Subject to Change: Identity Politics, To Be Negotiated: The Politics of the Undecidable 4. Institutional Interruptions: Institutions? Academic? Disciplines? Philosophy? Women's Studies? The Future of Disciplinarity? 5. Groundless Solidarity: Ethical Activism, Turning Away From Subjective Agency, Taking a Distance From Pragmatism, Approaching the Impossible Justice
    'Awesome and lively introduction to key debates in contemporary feminist thought.' - Cathy Blackford, East London University

    'A lucid and precisely-written book which addresses issues crucial to current feminist theoretical debates ... Without being reductive or oversimplifying (Elam) is able to make the interconnections between a series of complex thinkers clear to the reader.' - Elsie B.Michie, Louisiana State University

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