1st Edition

Feminist Perspectives on Equity and Trusts

Edited By Susan Scott-Hunt, Hilary Lim Copyright 2001
    376 Pages
    by Routledge-Cavendish

    Previous collections of essays on equity and trusts law have focused on doctrinal issues, only occasionally giving a policy gloss or suggestion of social context and impact. Although a critical approach can be glimpsed in journal articles and student texts, this collection of essays draws together both feminist and critical material.

    It is unique in being written by feminists, in dealing with equity and trusts as a whole and in being written in the critical tradition.

    1. The Fiction of Equity 2. Equity's Darling? 3. The WAQF in Trust 4. Understanding Equity's Secret Understandings 5. Weaving Along the Borders: Public and Private, Women and Banks 6. The Revival of Equitable Doctrine in Scots Law-A Space for Gender Concerns? 7. Property Rights for Home-Sharers: Equity Versus A Legislative Framework? 8. Governing From a Distance: The Significance of the Capital Income Distinction in Trusts 9. Trusting in the Prudent Woman of Business: Risk, Reconciliation and the Trustees' Standard of Care on Investment 10. Equitable Remedies: Cypher Wives, Weak Women and 'Equity's Special Tenderness' 11. Equitable Principles of Confidentiality and Whistleblowing 12. Our Property in Trust: Things to Make and Do


    Susan Scott-Hunt, Hilary Lim