1st Edition

Feminist Philosophy An Introduction

By Elinor Mason Copyright 2021
    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    Feminist Philosophy: An Introduction provides a comprehensive coverage of the core elements of feminist philosophy in the analytical tradition. Part 1 examines the feminist issues and practical problems that confront us as ordinary people. Part 2 examines the recent and historical arguments surrounding the subject area, looking into the theoretical frameworks we use to discuss these issues and applying them to everyday life.

    With contemporary and lively debates throughout, Elinor Mason provides a rigorous and yet accessible overview of a rich array of topics including:

    • feminism in a global context
    • work and care
    • reproductive rights
    • sex work
    • sexual violence and harassment
    • sexism, oppression, and misogyny
    • intersectionality
    • objectification
    • consent
    • ideology, false consciousness, and adaptive preferences.

    An outstanding introduction which will equip the reader with a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of feminism, Feminist Philosophy is essential reading for those approaching the subject for the first time.


    1. Feminism in a Global and Multicultural Context

    Part 1: Practice

    2. Work and Care

    3. Reproductive Rights

    4. Pornography

    5. Sex Work

    6. Sexual Violence and Harassment

    Part 2: Theory

    7. Sexism, Oppression, and Misogyny

    8. Intersectionality

    9. Ideology, False Consciousness, and Adaptive Preferences

    10. Objectification

    11. Consent

    12. Knowledge and Ignorance

    13. Speech Acts and Silencing





    Elinor Mason is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. She is the author of Ways to be Blameworthy: Rightness, Wrongness, and Responsibility (2019), and a co-author of Philosophy for Everyone (Routledge, 2nd edition 2016).

    "In this engaging and well-crafted introduction to feminist philosophy, Elinor Mason offers us a helpful contemporary map of a perpetually contested intellectual terrain. Mason guides the reader through a range of debates that display the continuing vivacity and urgency of feminist thinking." - Miranda Fricker, City University of New York Graduate Center, USA

    "The book is wonderfully clear and engaging. It provides an introduction to a diverse range of topics such as sex work, objectification and intersectionality. The philosophical debates within each topic are explained with attention to detail and rigour that will rewarding for students and teachers alike." - Natalie Stoljar, McGill University, Canada