1st Edition

Feminist Therapy with Latina Women Personal and Social Voices

Edited By Debra M. Kawahara, Oliva Espín Copyright 2013
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    150 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Feminist Therapy with Latina Women highlights the principles of feminist and multicultural counselling and therapy with Latinas and Latin American women, providing both theoretical approaches and applied frameworks. The authors are all experienced therapists and researchers with a deep understanding of the issues relevant to this particular population. In presenting their expertise, they discuss individual concerns and social context, applying it concretely to the personal and collective lives of Latina women. Chapters focus on the intersecting principles of feminism and multiculturalism, providing a much needed contribution to the field, with topics including domestic violence, eating disorders and body image, addictive behaviours, sexuality, immigrant and refugee experiences, and balancing the multiple roles of work and family.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Women & Therapy.

    1. Integrating the Personal and Social Voices of Latinas in Feminist Therapy Debra M. Kawahara and Oliva M. Espín

    2. Ni Pardo, Ni Prieto: The Influence of Parental Skin Color Messaging on Heterosexual Emerging Adult White-Hispanic Women’s Dating Beliefs Dionne P. Stephens, Paula B. Fernández, and Erin L. Richman

    3. Understanding the Role of Gender and Ethnic Oppression when Treating Mexican American Women for Eating Disorders Sue A. Kuba, Diane J. Harris-Wilson, and Siobhan K. O’Toole

    4. "I Have Not a Want But a Hunger to Feel No Pain" Mexican Immigrant Women with Chronic Pain: Narratives and Psychotherapeutic Implications Consuelo M. Flores, Diane C. Zelman, and Yvette Flores

    5. ..."An Illness We Catch From American Women"? The Multiple Identities of Latina Lesbians Oliva M. Espín

    6. Cross-Border Family Therapy: An Innovative Approach to Working with Latina Refugee Women in Therapy Mirna E. Carranza

    7. Understanding Latina Immigrants Using Relational Cultural Theory Elizabeth Ruiz

    8. Empowerment Feminist Therapy with Latina Immigrants: Honoring the Complexity and Socio-Cultural Contexts of Clients’ Lives Carlos M. Díaz-Lázaro, Susana Verdinelli, and B. Beth Cohen

    9. Integrating Women’s Voices and Theory: A Comprehensive Domestic Violence Intervention for Latinas Julia L. Perilla, Josephine Vasquez Serrata, Joanna Weinberg, and Caroline A. Lippy

    10. Acceptability and Cultural Fit of Spiritual Self-Schema Therapy for Puerto Rican Women with Addiction Disorders: Qualitative Findings Michael Meléndez, Dharma E. Cortés, and Hortensia Amaro

    11. Latina Re-Visionings of Participatory Health Promotion Practice: Cultural and Ecosystemic Perspectives Linking Personal and Social Change Ester R. Shapiro and Celeste Atallah-Gutiérrez


    Debra M. Kawahara is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, USA. She also maintains a private practice in San Diego, California, USA. Her research interests include feminist and multicultural psychology, Asian American mental health, women’s issues, and culturally competent services and supervision. Previous publications include NCSPP Leadership Toolkit (2009).

    Oliva M. Espín is Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies at San Diego State University, USA and of Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, USA. She was a pioneer in the practice and theory of feminist therapy with women from different cultural backgrounds, particularly US-born Latinas and immigrant/refugee women. Previous publications include Sin or Salvation: The relationship between sexuality and spirituality in psychotherapy (2009).