1st Edition

Feminst Critiques of Popular Culture

By E. Wartella, P.A. Treichler Copyright 1986

    First Published in 1986. This is Volume nine of the Communication Journal of 1986 which provides a forum for new and challenging discussions about communication in general, and media studies in particular. Focusing on Feminist critiques of popular culture, it includes articles on feminist approaches to popular culture, the situation of lesbianism as Feminism's magical sign in the US, identifying ideological seams and interventions in feminist theory and communication studies.

    Interventions: Feminist theory and communication studies, Feminist approaches to popular culture, The wets and the drys, The situation of lesbianism as Feminism's magical sign, Identifying ideological seams


    Ellen Wartella, Paula A. Treichler University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign