1st Edition

Ferromagnetic Resonance in Orientational Transition Conditions

By V.G. Shavrov, V.I. Shcheglov Copyright 2022
    650 Pages 138 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The unique properties of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) in magnetodielectric solids are widely used to create highly efficient analog information processing devices in the microwave range. Such devices include filters, delay lines, phase shifters, non-reciprocal and non-linear devices, and others.


    This book examines magnetic resonance and ferromagnetic resonance under a wide variety of conditions to study physical properties of magnetodielectric materials. The authors explore the properties in various mediums that significantly complicate magnetic resonance and provide a summary of related advances obtained during the last two decades. It also covers the emergence of new branches of the spectrum and anomalous dependencies on the magnetic field.


    Key Features:

    • Reviews basic principles of the science of crystallographic symmetry and anisotropic solid-state properties
    • Addresses the inhomogeneous nature of the distribution of the magnetization in the material being studied
    • Explains the mathematic methods used in the calculation of anisotropic solids of a solid
    • Provides the reader with a path to substitute electromagnetic waves when magnetostatic apparatus prove insufficient

    Introduction. 1. General properties of ferromagnetic resonance and orientational transitions (literature review). 2. Mathematical apparatus used in calculating ferromagnetic resonance. 3. Mathematical apparatus used when working with crystals of various symmetry. 4. Energy density of magnetic anisotropy. 5. Orientational transition in a magnetic medium. 6. Ferromagnetic resonance in plates with uniaxial and cubic anisotropy. 7. Ferromagnetic resonance in films with tips of axis of easy magnetization. 8. Ferromagnetic resonance in a composition environment consisting of anisotropic ferrite particles. 9. Precession of positions of equilibrium of magnetization in the conditions of orientational transitions. 10. Precession of the position of the equilibrium magnetization in an anisotropic medium. Bibliography. Index.


    V.G. Shavrov, Professor, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, RU V.S. Shcheglov, Professor, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, RU