1st Edition

Festival and Event Management in Nordic Countries

    296 Pages
    by Routledge

    294 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book on events-related research marks a watershed in the development of a "Nordic School" of festival and event research. Each of the chapters presents a new and interesting approach to the study of events, in terms of methods, perspectives or content. It is mostly rooted in management theory but also incorporating other perspectives that enhance our understanding of the phenomena. Implications for real-world applications in tourism, hospitality, and community development are also at the fore.

    The scholarship is comprehensive, not focused on only tourism or economic aspects. Management theory, including stakeholder management, social networks, and institutionalization processes is being applied. Attention is being given to the multiple roles festivals and events play in society, and to evaluation of their worth and impacts. Innovative methods are being developed to examine event experiences, innovation processes, and success factors.

    There is now a critical mass of scholars in the Nordic countries that share a strong interest in event studies, and they are engaged in collaborative research, making it an appealing and innovative region for other event students and researchers to visit. It can be expected that the Nordic school will take an increasingly important place in the development of event studies, which is now truly global in terms of scholarship and university degree programs.

    This book was originally published as a special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

    1. Editorial
    Donald Getz & Tommy D. Andersson

    2. Impacts of Cultural Events in Eastern Finland – Development of a Finnish Event Evaluation Tool
    Katja Pasanen, Heidi Taskinen & Jenni Mikkonen

    3. Casual Observers, Connoisseurs and Experimentalists: A Conceptual Exploration of Niche Festival Visitors
    Szilvia Gyimóthy

    4. Festivals in the Barents Region: Exploring Festival-stakeholder Cooperation
    Sidsel Karlsen & Caroline Stenbacka Nordström

    5. Festival Innovation: Complex and Dynamic Network Interaction
    Mia Larson

    6. Festival Ownership. Differences between Public, Nonprofit and Private Festivals in Sweden
    Tommy D. Andersson & Donald Getz

    7. Cultural Tourism Innovation Systems – The Roskilde Festival
    Anne-Mette Hjalager

    8. Celebration of Extreme Playfulness: Ekstremsportveko at Voss Reidar
    J. Mykletun

    9. The Festivalscape of Finnmark
    Kari Jaeger & Reidar J. Mykletun

    10. The Event-Tourist Career Trajectory: A Study of High-Involvement Amateur Distance Runners
    D. Getz & T.D. Andersson

    11. Exploring the Success of the Gladmatfestival (The Stavanger Food Festival)
    Kari Einarsen & Reidar J. Mykletun

    12. Stakeholder Influences on the Ownership and Management of Festival Brands
    L. Mossberg & D. Getz

    13. Sámi Heritage at the Winter Festival in Jokkmokk, Sweden
    D.K. Müller& R. Petersson

    14. Event Experiences in Time and Space: A Study of Visitors to the 2007 World Alpine Ski Championships in Åre, Sweden
    Robert Pettersson & Donald Getz


    Tommy D. Andersson, PhD is professor in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger in Norway, and in the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University since 2001. He served from 1997 as a professor in Management Accounting and later on as a programme director at the European Tourism Research Institute. His main research interests are economic impact analysis, festival management, and cost-benefit analysis.

    Dr. Donald Getz is Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, Canada, and is a Distinguished Fellow in the International Academy for the Study of Tourism. He holds a number of Visiting Professorships around the world, including at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He has been a leading proponent for the development of event studies.

    Reidar J. Mykletun, PhD is professor in Organisational psychology at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger in Norway, and Editor in Chief of the Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism. He is currently teaching Project Management, and Event and Meeting Management. His research areas includes entrepreneurship; event and festival management, adventure tourism and adventurous meals, tourist guiding, and work-related issues