1st Edition

Fibre Materials for Advanced Technical Textiles

By T. Matsuo Copyright 2008
    35 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This paper tries to give an overview on technologies using fibrous materials for contributing to environmental and resource matters. The technologies for water treatment include bio-reactive treatment system using membrane hollow fibre, desalination using Ro hollow fibre, purification of water work using UF or MF hollow fibre, purification of recycled water using photo-catalyst fibre, and oil removal systems using micro-fibre nonwoven. Removal system for incineration dust using bag filter, and removal system for toxic gas and solvent recovery using activated carbon fibre are typical examples for air cleaning. Fibrous materials are also effectively utilized for saving and production of energy and resources. Their application examples are electrode and separator for battery, and composite reinforcements for high pressure CNG vessel and wind turbine blade. The lightening transport vehicles using fibre reinforced composites have now become a big issue.

    1. Introduction 2. Conventional fibres 3. High mechanical performance fibres 4. High heat resistance fibres 5. Separation function fibres 6. Optical fibres 7. Electric conductive fibres 8. Adhesive fibres 9. Dissoluble, degradable, and dissociable function fibres 10. Other kinds of special function fibres 11. Specialty material fibres 12. Modified fibres for specific function 13. Modified fibres for specific end-use 14. Nano-fibres 15. Concluding rem arks


    T. Matsuo