1st Edition

Field Philosophy Different Places, Different Cultures

Edited By Robert Frodeman, Adam Briggle Copyright 2025
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

    Philosophical issues often lie at the heart of societal problems, yet it is rare for philosophers to be actively engaged in the search for solutions. Conventionally, philosophy prioritizes the written word and the seminar room while living at a remove from everyday life. In contrast, field philosophy, the approach invoked by the chapters in this book, emphasizes the immediacy of the spoken word and engages people in their daily activities to help them understand the philosophical elements of their everyday tasks.

    This book offers field philosophy as a model for social engagement, advancing a new way for doing philosophy relevant to the needs of 21st century society. The chapters in the book describe the historical significance of field philosophy, its ethical commitments, and the theoretical warrant underlying its practice. Together, they advance the societal relevance of philosophy and the many ways it can interface with a diverse range of communities from engineers and scientists to policymakers and activists.

    This book will be of interest to the academic philosophy community, policy makers and policy researchers, university administrators, and those interested in the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity. Versions of some of its chapters were originally published as a special issue of Social Epistemology.

    Introduction: A Philosophy for the 21st Century
    Robert Frodeman and Adam Briggle


    1. What Trans Philosophy Can Teach Field Philosophy

    Adam Briggle


    2. Field Philosophy in the Light of its Ancestors

    Steve Fuller


    3. Field Philosophy: Practice and Theory

    Robert Frodeman


    4. Philosophy of Gongcheng (Engineering): A Chinese Field Philosophy Case Study

    Yin Wenjuan


    5. Field Philosophy and the Chinese National Park System

    Fan Yangcheng


    6. The Gene Edited Babies Controversy in China: Field Philosophical Questioning

    Yan Ping and Carl Mitcham


    7. Field Philosophy and Social Justice

    Evelyn Brister


    8. Field Philosophy and its Institutions in the East and West

    Lu Wenlong


    9. Chinese Philosophy as a Kind of Field Philosophy

    Wei Zhang


    10. Limits to Collaboration: Field Philosophy and Working Lands in the West

    Jared Talley


    Adam Briggle is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas. He is the author of six books, including Thinking through Climate Change: A Philosophy of Energy in the Anthropocene (2021) and A Field Guide to Climate Change: Understanding the Problems (2024).


    Robert Frodeman writes on environmental philosophy and public policy, the philosophy of technology, and the future of the university. He is the author and/or editor of 16 books, including Sustainable Knowledge (2013) and Transhumanism, Nature, and the Ends of Science (2019), and has lectured at universities worldwide.