1st Edition

Field Philosophy and Other Experiments

Edited By Brett Buchanan, Matthew Chrulew, Michelle Bastian Copyright 2021
    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    This agenda-setting collection argues for the importance of fieldwork for philosophy and provides reflections on methods for such ‘field philosophy’ from the interdisciplinary vantage point of the environmental humanities.

    Field philosophy has emerged from multiple sources –  including approaches focused on public and participatory research –  and others focused on ethology, multispecies studies, and the environmental humanities more broadly. These approaches have yet to enter the mainstream of the discipline, however, and ‘field philosophy’ remains an open and uncharted terrain for philosophical pursuits. This book brings together leading and emerging philosophers who have engaged in critical and constructive forms of fieldwork, for some over decades, and who, through these articles, demonstrate new possibilities and new experiments for philosophical practices. This collection will be of interest to scholars working across the disciplines of continental philosophy, environmental humanities, science and technology studies, animal studies, cultural anthropology, art, and more.

    The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Parallax.


    Brett Buchanan, Michelle Bastian and Matthew Chrulew

    1. The Surprise of Field Philosophy: Philosophical Encounters with Animal Worlds

    Brett Buchanan

    2. Aude Sapere: Dare Betray the Testator’s Demands

    Isabelle Stengers

    3. Out of the Books: Field Philosophy

    Vinciane Despret

    4. From Field Philosophy to Milieu Philosophy

    Dominique Lestel

    5. Thinking with Crows: (Re)Doing Philosophy in the Field

    Thom van Dooren

    6. Philosophy Disturbed: reflections on moving between field and philosophy

    Michelle Bastian

    7. A Leibnizian Fieldwork: Zebra Stripes and the Monadology

    Thibault De Meyer

    8. My Place, My Duty: Zoo Biology as Field Philosophy in the Work of Heini Hediger

    Matthew Chrulew

    9. The Haunting Cliffs: Some Notes on Silence

    Hugo Reinert


    Brett Buchanan is Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies at Laurentian University, Canada. He is the author of Onto-Ethologies: The Animal Environments of Uexküll, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, and Deleuze.

    Matthew Chrulew is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University, Western Australia, where he leads the Posthumanities, Animalities, Environments research stream. He is the Series Editor of Animalities at Edinburgh University Press.

    Michelle Bastian is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Humanities at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, UK. She is Co-editor of Participatory Research in More-than-Human Worlds (Routledge) and an Editor-in-chief of Time & Society.