2nd Edition

Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers
From Structuralism to Post-Humanism

ISBN 9780415326940
Published September 7, 2007 by Routledge
460 Pages

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Book Description

This revised second edition from our bestselling Key Guides includes brand new entries on some of the most influential thinkers of the twentieth- and twenty-first century: Zizek, Bergson, Husserl, Heidegger, Butler and Haraway.

With a new introduction by the author, sections on phenomenology and the post-human, full cross-referencing and up-to-date guides to major primary and secondary texts, this is an essential resource to contemporary critical thought for undergraduates and the interested reader.

Table of Contents

Early Structuralism.  Phenomenology.  Structuralism.  Post-Structuralist Thought.  Semiotics.  Second Generation Feminism.  Post-Marxism.  Modernity.  Postmodernity.  The Post-Human

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John Lechte is Professor in Sociology and teaches social theory at Macquarie University, Australia. He has taught and published widely on many aspects of modern thought and culture.


Praise for the first edition:

'If you don't know your Deleuze from your Derrida, or your Bataille from your Bourdieu, or your Lacan from your Lyotard - or indeed if you're still catching up on Benjamin, Mauss, Adorno, and Saussure - then this is the book for you.' - Richard Gott, The Guardian

Praise for the new edition:

'RAE mania has produced bucket loads of potboilers most of which aren't any good. This book ought to be a market leader.' - R.W. Dyson, University of Durham, UK

'[T]he author's scholarship is impressive, and the dictionary fills a needed research void.' -- J.A. Martinez-Gandara, San Diego State University, Choice

'the author's scholarship is impressive, and the dictionary fills a needed research void.'--J. A. Martinez-Gandara, emeritus, San Diego State University, Choice