1st Edition

Fifty Years of Rhetoric Society Quarterly Selected Readings, 1968-2018

Edited By Joshua Gunn, Diane Davis Copyright 2018
    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    380 Pages
    by Routledge

    Fifty Years of Rhetoric Society Quarterly: Selected Readings, 1968-2018 celebrates the semicentennial of Rhetoric Society Quarterly, bringing together the most influential essays included in the journal over the past fifty years. Assessed by members of the Rhetoric Society of America, this collection provides advanced undergraduate and graduate students with a balanced perspective on rhetorical theory and practice from scholars in both communication studies and rhetoric and writing studies. The volume covers a range of themes, from the history of rhetorical studies, writing and speaking pedagogy, and feminism, to the work of Kenneth Burke, the rhetoric of science, and rhetorical agency.


    1. Introduction: RSQ's Greatest Hits! (Gunn and Davis)

    Part I: The Earlier Years (1968-1989)

    Introduction (Gunn and Davis)

    2. "Rules, Conventions, Constraints, and Rhetorical Action" (Yoos)

    3. "Composition Then and Now" (Guth)

    4. "General Specialists: Fifty Years Later." (Hunt)

    Part II: The 90s (1990-1999)

    Introduction (Davis and Gunn)

    5. "Re/Dressing Histories: Or, on Re/Covering Figures Who Have Been Laid Bare by Our Gaze" (Ballif)

    6. "Kenneth Burke and the Moderns: Counter-Statement as Counter Statement" (Selzer)

    7. "Rhetorical Criticism of Public Discourse on the Internet:  Theoretical Implications" (Warnick).

    8. "Aristotle on Epideictic: The Formation of Public Morality." (Hauser)

    Part III: The Naughts (2000-2009)

    Introduction (Gunn and Davis)

    9. "Feminist Methods of Research in the History of Rhetoric: What Difference Do They Make?" (Bizzell)

    10. Forum Discussion: "How Ought We to Understand the Concept of Rhetorical Agency? Report from ARS [Alliance of Rhetorical Societies]" (Geisler).

    "'Ouija Board, are There Any Communications?' Agency, Ontotheology, and the Death of the Humanist Subject, or, Continuing the Conversation" (Lundberg and Gunn)

    "Teaching the Post-Modern Rhetor: Continuing the Conversation on Rhetorical Agency" (Geisler)

    11. "Unframing Models of Public Distribution: From Rhetorical Situation to Rhetorical Ecologies" (Rice)

    12. "What Can Automation Tell Us About Agency?" (Miller)

    13. "Between Archive and Participation: Public Memory in a Digital Age" (Haskins)

    14. "Identification: Burke and Freud on Who You Are" (Davis)

    Part IV: RSQ Lately (2010- Present)

    Introduction (Davis and Gunn)

    15. "'This is Your Brain on Rhetoric': Research Directions for Neurorhetorics" (Jack and Appelbaum)

    16. "The Mock Rock Topos." (Kennerly)

    17. "Parresia, Foucault, and the Classical Rhetorical Tradition" (Walzer)

    18. "Deep Ambivalence and Wild Objects: Toward a Strange Environmental Rhetoric" (Rivers)

    19. "Exigencies for RSQ: An Afterword" (Goggin and Skinnell)


    Joshua Gunn is Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Affiliate Faculty with the Department of Rhetoric & Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. He's published a scholarly monograph, a public speaking textbook, and over 75 essays and chapters on the topics of rhetoric, media, and cultural studies.


    Diane Davis is Professor and Chair of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing and Affiliate Faculty with Communication Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Her work is situated at the intersection of rhetorical theory and continental philosophy.