1st Edition

Fighting World War Three from the Middle East
Allied Contingency Plans, 1945-1954

ISBN 9780714647203
Published January 30, 1997 by Routledge
366 Pages

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Book Description

This description of Allied contingency plans for military operations in the Middle East - in the event of conflict with the Soviet Union - argues that diplomatic events and crises in the Middle East in 1945-55 are understandable only in the context of assets sought by the Allies in that region.

Table of Contents

The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History- "an impressive book essential reading for those concerned with Britain"s post-war retreat from great power status"

"This is the definitive work on one of the theatres of war that was never fought" Walter Laqueur

Journal of Palestine Studies- " This well documented book contians valuable insight on international politics of post 1945 Middle East and the introduction of cold war dynamics into the region"

The Journal Of American History - "Michael J Cohen"s new book, Fighting World War Three From the Middle East, provides the most complete account that we are ever likely to have of strategic planning by the United States and United Kingdom for the region during the decade after 1945."

The Middle East Journal -"This book offers a wide-raging and lively survey of the contingency plans involving the Middle East developed early in the Cold War by American and British strategic planners...This book is generally well-written, even if its organization sometimes seems overwhelmed by the intersection of conflicting plans and estimates, and minor asides and amendments. Cohen has produced a very readable book, important for anyone interested in the first ten years of Middle Eastern history after World War 11."

Parameters, Summer 99- see file

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies- " a compelling history of western involvement in the Middle East in the periods before, during, and after the Cold War...recommended with enthusiasm"

Middle Eastern Studies- " Cohen has done a good job of explaining British policy without resorting to metaphysics"

Journal of Jewish Studies- " The book well exemplifies Michael Cohen"s strengths: a direct, muscular style of writing; a strong sense of the most relevant points which are extracted clinically from a massive documentary base: a pervading objectivity and balance in his judgement of complex issues...This book deepens our understanding of the context of Anglo-American policy in the Middle East"

Digest of Middle East Studies- " Cohen"s book is an excellent documentary of the worst-case scenario that might have if Western powers had gone through with their plan to confront the Soviet Union and begin World War Three...The excellent index provides a valuable finding tool to the many hidden treasures of information inside the book"

The Jersusalem Post- " the writer...is considered among the wisest and most respected authorities in the field of Middle Eastern studies...( He) makes highly valuable judgements"

Contemporary Review -" For the layman, this study throws considerable new light on the history of the Middle East in the twenty years after the end of World War II...This is a good and well rsearched study of power politics as played on the sandy ground of the Middle East and helps us better to understand the politics of the area, then and now"

Intelligence and National Security- " By analyzing military thibking in this period...Cohen has corrected the imbalance in the existing literature which has tended to rely heavily on the diplomatic and political aspects of these two key theatres, Europe and the Middle East"

Middle East Quarterly- " Cohen has written a detailed and authoritative study of Allied strategic contingency planning during the opening years of the cold war"

NOD & Conversion- " The book is well-written and has a fascinating story to tell"

BIPAC - " Cohen has done a fine job of piecing together a picture of the tensions and upheavals in the military planning at the time

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