1st Edition

Fighting the Silent Killer How Men and Women Can Prevent and Cope with Heart Disease Today

By Peter F. Cohn, Joan K. Cohn Copyright 1993
    240 Pages
    by A K Peters/CRC Press

    Americaís number-one killer, heart disease, can exist in the absence of symptoms. Called ìsilent heart disease,î its first manifestations can be catastrophic. This no-nonsense guide now addresses this and other new issues in a clear, non-technical way and examines old concerns from a fresh perspective. The text moves easily from the role of smoking, stress, diet, and exercise in heart health to the methodology of detection, prevention, and treatment of the disease. Included is everything on the subject from psychology and history to exercise and dinner menus. The book is a must-read for everyone who wants to stay heart-healthy.

    PREFACE, Chapter 1 A New Concept in Heart Disease, Chapter 2 How Com m on is Silent Heart Disease Compared to Painful Heart Disease?, Chapter 3 Detection of Painful and Silent Heart Disease: Risk Factors and Diagnostic Procedures, Chapter 4 How Do Cigarettes and Cholesterol Lead to Blocked Arteries?, Chapter 5 Can Stress Cause Heart Disease?: The Role of the “ Mind-Body” Connection, Chapter 6 The Outlook for Patients with Heart Disease, Chapter 7 Preventing Heart Disease by Correcting Risk Factors, Chapter 8 How to Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet and Still Enjoy Yourself, Chapter 9 To Exercise or Not to Exercise?, Chapter 10 Medical and Surgical Treatment of Heart Disease, Chapter 1 1 The Revolution in Heart Attack Treatment, Chapter 12 Living with Heart Disease: Psychological and Sexual Implications for Patient and Family, Chapter 13 Women and Heart Disease, Chapter 14 Older Hearts: Heart Disease over the Age of 65, CHAPTER 15 What’s Next?, GLOSSARY, RECIPIES FOR GOOD HABITS


    Dr Peter Cohn, Dr Joan Cohn