1st Edition

Figures of Entanglement Diffractive Readings of Barad, New Materialism, and Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

Edited By Christopher N. Gamble, Joshua S. Hanan Copyright 2022
    138 Pages
    by Routledge

    138 Pages
    by Routledge

    Recent and ongoing "new materialisms" scholarship seeks to fundamentally reshape the humanities and their relationship with the sciences. While this work comprises multiple and varied currents, one of the most important, yet whose distinctive merits are arguably often underappreciated, is that influenced by the theoretical physicist and feminist philosopher Karen Barad.

    The first volume devoted to bringing Barad’s work into conversation with the disciplines of rhetoric and communication studies, this collection organizes that conversation primarily around her notion of "entanglement", which encourages an understanding of meaning as inherently performative, material, and ecological. In doing so, the essays in this collection variously approach rhetoric as a "figure of entanglement" in ways that contribute to and enrich both rhetoric and Barad’s theorizing. Topics range from politics to breast cancer, genealogy, the trope of academic "turns," Marx’s notion of exchange, and the "prehistoric" emergence of human consciousness.

    With a new foreword by the editors and afterword by Laurie E. Gries, this collection is otherwise reprinted from the 2016 "Figures of Entanglement" special issue of the journal Review of Communication.


    Christopher N. Gamble and Joshua S. Hanan

    Introduction: Figures of Entanglement: Toward A Diffractive Understanding of New Materialist Rhetoric

    Christopher N. Gamble and Joshua S. Hanan

    1. Breast cancer’s rhetoricity: bodily border crisis and bridge to corporeal solidarity

    Annie Hill

    2. Rhetoric’s diverse materiality: polythetic ontology and genealogy

    Nathan Stormer

    3. Of turning and tropes

    Diane Marie Keeling

    4. Entangled exchange: verkehr and rhetorical capitalism

    Matthew W. Bost

    5. Rhetorical prehistory and the Paleolithic

    Thomas Rickert


    Laurie E. Gries


    Christopher N. Gamble is a doctoral student in communication at the University of Washington. His work focuses on rhetoric, communication technology, and new materialisms.

    Joshua S. Hanan is an associate professor of rhetoric and communication ethics at the University of Denver. His scholarship explores how historically shifting ecological, technological, and economic contexts materially produce and regulate what can and cannot be conceptualized as communicative and rhetorical activity