Filipino : An Essential Grammar book cover
1st Edition

An Essential Grammar

ISBN 9781138826281
Published October 31, 2022 by Routledge
214 Pages

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Book Description

Filipino: An Essential Grammar is a comprehensive and practical reference guide introducing the key grammatical forms and structures in the Filipino language.

This book offers a detailed exploration of key phonological, morphological, and syntactic features of Filipino that are essential to achieving high levels of proficiency in the language. Across 14 chapters are concise explanations of important grammatical categories and linguistic features relevant in the description of Philippine languages, complemented by examples relevant for everyday conversations and easy-to-understand rules for navigating Filipino grammar.

Taking into consideration the most salient grammatical aspects that need to be presented by teachers and mastered by learners of Filipino, this is the ideal reference grammar for researchers, teachers, and learners of the Filipino language. This book is designed for both independent and class-based studies by learners of Filipino at all levels.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Phonology and Spelling

Chapter 2. Nouns and Pronouns

Chapter 3. Markers and Prepositions

Chapter 4. Adjectives and Linker

Chapter 5. Verbal Aspect

Chapter 6. Verbal Focus

Chapter 7. Verbal Mood

Chapter 8. Pseudo-verbs and other verb forms

Chapter 9. Adverbs

Chapter 10. Connectors

Chapter 11. Sentence structures

Chapter 12. Clause types and Conjunctions

Chapter 13. Interjections, Courtesies, and other Lexical classes

Chapter 14. Summary: quick reference guide



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Sheila Zamar is Assistant Professor of ESL and Tagalog Language Instruction in the Defense Critical Language and Culture Program at the Mansfield Center, University of Montana, Missoula, MT, USA.


"Sheila Zamar's Filipino: An Essential Grammar responds to frequently asked questions about Filipino grammar through clear and thorough explanations, illustrative examples, and illuminating clarifications, making it a must-read for language learners. Moreover, it brings the language to the present, by recognizing that Filipino, the national language of the Philippines, although primarily based on Tagalog, has evolved. This book stands out as an essential contemporary resource in both teaching and learning."
Joi Barrios, Filipino Language Lecturer, University of California-Berkeley, USA.

"This is an exciting and long-awaited grammar, produced by a highly talented linguist and language instructor with over thirty years of experience teaching Filipino. This grammar will greatly facilitate Filipino language learning and at the same time serve as a critical and user-friendly reference for understanding the grammatical intricacies of the national language of the more than a hundred million Filipinos and their rapidly growing global diaspora." 
Michael Cullinane, Director, Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.  

"Filipino language is one of the most difficult languages to acquire not because of a different writing system but because of its unique internal working with its use of cases, markers, different verb families and other unique features that fascinate linguists. Zamar’s Filipino: An Essential Grammar provides an easy to understand and clear grammar explanation for both teachers and students who have no formal linguistics background."

Nenita Pambid Domingo, Filipino Language Lecturer, University of California-Los Angeles, USA.

"Filipino grammar is complex and unique -- fascinating for linguists, but often difficult for students.  Zamar's approach combines the precision of a linguist with the accessibility of an experienced language teacher.  The result is an invaluable resource for learners of Filipino at any level.  If you want to finally 'get' Filipino grammar, look no further than this book." 
Noah Theriault, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. 

"Sheila Zamar's Filipino language instruction has helped so many learners work towards language competency. Zamar simplifies challenging grammar concepts and helps learners develop a strong foundation for language learning and usage. This book distills invaluable classroom lessons that have greatly benefitted countless students including myself. Aspiring students of Filipino will undoubtedly benefit from this invaluable resource." 
Mark John Sanchez, Assistant Professor in Asian American Studies, Vanderbilt University, USA. 

"Sheila Zamar has written an indispensable book on Filipino grammar. Clearly organized with lucid, reader-friendly content, this reference guide is a vital resource for teachers and students of all levels."
Emmanuel David, Associate Professor in Women and Gender Studies, University of Colorado-Boulder, USA.

"Filipino: An Essential Grammar is a smart book that provides linguistic fundamentals to enhance the language-learning and pedagogical experience. In addition to being a valuable resource for language acquisition and instruction, this is an exquisite text for researchers and a must-have for fieldwork. Zamar deploys her expertise in linguistics to make the text indispensable to those engaged in lexicographical studies, literary analysis, ethnography, and other humanistic and social scientific research that relies on Filipino. Even more meaningfully, this book is absorbing for those eager to learn the nuances of the language and the linguistic elements that make it profound." 
Kathleen Gutierrez, Assistant Professor of History, University of California-Santa Cruz, USA.