1st Edition

FinTech, Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development Disruption, Innovation and Growth

By David Mhlanga Copyright 2025
    276 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the significant impact of FinTech on the financial industry and how it could be used to promote legitimate development in the global economy. It takes readers on an engaging tour of the field of FinTech, immersing them in a thorough investigation of the technological advancements, creative business models, and regulatory issues that define the FinTech landscape.

    The book begins by documenting the rise of FinTech, providing historical context, and highlighting key milestones. It delves into the numerous technologies that have fueled the FinTech revolution and offers valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of the financial industry and its implications for individuals, businesses, and society. It explores topics such as microfinance, digital lending, social impact investing, and sustainable finance, signalling the ability of FinTech to foster financial inclusion, reduce poverty, and drive sustainable economic growth in developing economies. The book takes into account ethical as well as regulatory considerations, and the importance of striking a balance between innovation and consumer protection. The book offers a comparative regional perspective and provides case studies of successful FinTech organisations from across the world. It concludes by providing an in-depth exploration of future trends and predictions, with a specific focus on emerging technologies such as ChatGPT and their potential impact.

    This will be a useful reference for researchers, scholars and students, concerned with the changing dynamics of the industry in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

    1. FinTech, Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development: Disruption, Innovation and Growth 2. Fintech Innovations of the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Overview 3. Fintech and Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth 4. The Role of Financial Technology in Addressing Poverty from the classical economic theory standpoint 5. The Role of Financial Technology in Addressing Poverty from the Neoclassical Economic Theory Standpoint 6. Digital Transformation in Finance: How Fintech is Shaping the Digital Future of Banking 7. The Role of Fintech in Transforming Payments and Banking in the 21st Century 8. Insur-Tech: Revolutionizing Insurance Technology through Fintech 9. Wealth-Tech: Reinventing Investment and Wealth Management Through FinTech 10. Promoting Financial Inclusion with Financial Technology (Fintech) 11. Enhancing Financial Inclusion through Big Data in Fintech 12. Fintech, Green Finance and Sustainable Finance 13. Ethical Considerations in the Field of Financial Technology (FinTech) 14. The Influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) On Digital Financial Inclusion in The Finance Sector 15. FinTech, Financial Inclusion and Sustainable Development: Disruption, Innovation and Growth: A Conclusion 


    David Mhlanga is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa.