1st Edition

Financial Stability, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

    338 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Following multiple global crises, there is an urgent need to review our economic and financial paradigms to improve outcomes for the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental. In response, various strands of new economic thinking have emerged such as degrowth, the collaborative economy, solidarity economy, sharing economy and social entrepreneurship. This book explores the various economic and financial dimensions of sustainable development drawing on new and existing theories.

    This comprehensive book is divided into four sections, each presenting the results of a team of international researchers, tackling the issue from a global, macroeconomic, and microeconomic approach. The first part examines the determinants of sustainable development in the global economy, while the second looks at enterprise in a sustainable world. The third section analyses the financial markets and the fourth addresses economic policy and sustainable development. A wide array of sustainability concerns are discussed in-depth, from analysing changes in environmental social, and governance reporting and assessing their impact on the information systems and reporting of economic entities; exploring the transition to 'Industry 5.0', and how technological innovation can be deployed to support a better fit and 'win-win' interaction between industry and society, shifting focus from economic and technological factors to important environmental and social dimensions.

    The monograph is an invaluable resource for scholars, researchers, and students of applied, development, growth, resource, and welfare economics. The policy recommendations will be of benefit to policymakers concerned with issues of sustainable development generally and the Sustainable Development Goals specifically.

    PART I. Determinants of sustainable development in global economy 1. Sustainable development, entrepreneurship, and business ethics: A triad of the future 2. The economics of moderation as a foundation of sustainable development 3. The credibility of the EU-ETS to decarbonize the European economy 4. Transition to Industry 5.0: Is it possible to integrate social and environmental priorities into technological innovation? 5. Macro and microeconomic perspectives on the global economy during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and short-run projections PART II: Enterprise in a sustainable world 6. ESG (Environmental Social Governance) reporting - challenges for enterprises 7. The impact of the concepts of ‘Society 5.0’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ on the evolution of social responsibility standards - in the light of research into the strategies of the most powerful transnational corporations 8. Can companies utilise sustainable business practices to gain a competitive advantage? 9. Financial stability of joint-stock companies from the energy industries listed on the NewConnect market and their sustainable development in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine 10. Evaluating factors enhancing profitability and sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry in Greece PART III: Financial markets in a sustainable world 11. Sustainable development: Challenges for insurance companies 12. Digitalization processes as an integral component of modern banking in Poland 13. Capital markets and sustainable development: An analysis 14. The degree of integration of selected EU countries' equity market into the Eurozone share equity market PART IV: Economic policy and sustainable development 15. Testing the theory through alternative profit rate measurement 16. The implementation of the Europe 2020 sustainable growth priority in EU member states: Assessment for the period 2010-2020 17. The Development of Innovation and Infrastructure in the European countries fostering the growth of the e-commerce sector 18. What drives the wage gap of vulnerable workers? An analysis of gender inequalities in selected EU countries


    Marc Baudry is a Professor of Economics (ProfTit) in the Department of Economics at the Université Paris Nanterre, France, as well as a research fellow at EconomiX (CNRS) and head of the 'CO2 pricing and low-carbon innovation' pole at the Climate Economics Chair.

    Sławomir Ireneusz Bukowski is a Professor of Economics (ProfTit), Head of the Department of International Business and Finance in the Faculty of Economics and Finance and Rector at Casimir Pulaski Radom University in Radom, Poland.

    Marzanna Barbara Lament is an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance and Head of the Department of Finance, Insurance and Accounting and Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Finance in Casimir Pulaski Radom University in Radom, Poland.