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2nd Edition

Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions

    ISBN 9780367778286
    448 Pages
    Published March 31, 2021 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9781498728935
    448 Pages 244 Color Illustrations
    Published June 22, 2016 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9781315370255
    448 Pages 244 Color Illustrations
    Published December 19, 2017 by CRC Press

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    Since its publication, the first edition of Fingerprints and Other Ridge Skin Impressions has become a classic in the field. This second edition is completely updated, focusing on the latest technology and techniques—including current detection procedures, applicable processing and analysis methods—all while incorporating the expansive growth of literature on the topic since the publication of the original edition.

    Forensic science has been challenged in recent years as a result of errors, courts and other scientists contesting verdicts, and changes of a fundamental nature related to previous claims of infallibility and absolute individualization. As such, these factors represent a fundamental change in the way training, identifying, and reporting should be conducted. This book addresses these questions with a clear viewpoint as to where the profession—and ridge skin identification in particular—must go and what efforts and research will help develop the field over the next several years.

    The second edition introduces several new topics, including

    • Discussion of ACE-V and research results from ACE-V studies

    • Computerized marking systems to help examiners produce reports

    • New probabilistic models and decision theories about ridge skin evidence interpretation, introducing Bayesnet tools

    • Fundamental understanding of ridge mark detection techniques, with the introduction of new aspects such as nanotechnology, immunology and hyperspectral imaging

    • Overview of reagent preparation and application

    Chapters cover all aspects of the subject, including the formation of friction ridges on the skin, the deposition of latent marks, ridge skin mark identification, the detection and enhancement of such marks, as well the recording of fingerprint evidence. The book serves as an essential reference for practitioners working in the field of fingermark detection and identification, as well as legal and police professionals and anyone studying forensic science with a view to understanding current thoughts and challenges in dactyloscopy.

    Friction Ridge Skin and Prints. Friction Ridge Identification Process. Chemistry, Light, and Photography. Fingermark Detection and Enhancement. Issues Related to the Exploitation of Fingerprints and Fingermarks. Conclusions. Appendices.

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