1st Edition

Finite Element Analysis In Heat Transfer Basic Formulation & Linear Problems

By Gianni Comini Copyright 1994

    This introductory text presents the applications of the finite element method to the analysis of conduction and convection problems. The book is divided into seven chapters which include basic ideas, application of these ideas to relevant problems, and development of solutions. Important concepts are illustrated with examples. Computer problems are also included to facilitate the types of solutions discussed.

    Preface Disclaimer 1.Discrete Physical Systems 2.Continuum Problems 3.Finite Element Discretization 4.Numerical Techniques 5.Implementaton of the Finite Element Method 6.Conduction-Type Problems 7.Convection-Type Problems References Problems Appendix A:Automatic Mesh Generation B:Mesh and Contour Plots Nomenclature Index


    Gianni Comini