1st Edition

First Responders Handbook An Introduction, Second Edition

By Michael L. Madigan Copyright 2018

    The objective of this handbook is to make available in a quick reference form, the information to enhance and support the response capabilities of firefighters, emergency medical technicians, hazardous materials response teams, law enforcement officers, bomb squads, medical doctors and nurses, emergency managers, schools, and others. This handbook is dedicated and committed to disaster prevention, preparedness, readiness, response, mitigation and recovery efforts. This is an ideal book for newcomers to the field, and can be used for fast knowledge for application to any areas of response.


    About the Author


    Chapter 1 NIMS and the incident command system

    Chapter 2 Security management

    Chapter 3 Threat/vulnerability assessments and risk analysis

    Chapter 4 Defense support of civil authorities (DSCA)

    Chapter 5 Introduction to weapons of mass destruction (WMDs)

    Chapter 6 Understanding terror, terrorism, and their roots

    Chapter 7 CBRNE and weapons of mass destruction

    Chapter 8 Explosives

    Chapter 9 Nuclear weapons and radiation

    Chapter 10 Dirty bomb

    Chapter 11 Decontamination procedures

    Chapter 12 Decontamination of chemical warfare and industrial agents

    Chapter 13 Chemical protective clothing

    Chapter 14 Emergency response guidebook




    Michael L. Madigan works as a master instructor for the Civil Support Skills Course (CST’s) Teams and Hazardous material emergency response operations on weapons of mass destruction and threat assessments to the Homeland Defense Civil Support Office (HD/CSO), and the Incident Response Training Department (IRTD) on Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He is also a certified FEMA instructor for ICS courses 300 and ICS 400. He is also retired from the United States Army and served as a (SME), master chemical operation specialist to the USACBRN School, CENTCOM, and the Multi-National Forces Command in IRAQ.

    He holds a, BA degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and a Master of Security Management from the American Military University from Charles Town. In addition, he holds the Certificate in Security Management from the University of Massachusetts. Over my 40 year career I have distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of positions of greater importance and responsibility to the Army and the Nation, culminating as the Strategy Operations Plans and Policy Directorate (G-3/5/7), Headquarters, Department of the Army. My previous positions of significant leadership included Operations J3 Multi National Forces Iraq (MNFI), and WMD/Terrorism/CBRNE NCOIC Team Chief. As the WMD/Terrorism and CBRNE Team Chief I have positively and directly influenced Army and Department of Defense Policy and program recommendations to the MNFI Commander. I have carefully communicated advice reflected the depth and breadth with considerable experience and affected future programs and policy that will carry the Army through the end of sustained combat operations and into an Army focused on building the capacity of the partners of the United States.

    As the NCOIC of the WMD/Terrorism/CBRNE NCOIC I played a key role in the transition between Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Iraq Enduring by carefully managing over 250 External and Stability Transition assets for the J3 United States Forces Iraq. The guidance and leadership were instrumental in navigating the complex and critical issues surrounding the Iraqi people's realization of sovereignty and the Iraqi Security Forces being thrust into the lead role for security operations. As the WMD/Terrorism/CBRNE NCOIC I performed this task, at a critical time in Iraq's evolving history, and success was built upon my superb efforts in which I mentor, coach, train and lead by example what would become the best operating section in CENTCOM and Iraqi, and in Mosul then the most complex and lethal part of all Iraq.

    He also an adjunct professor and teaches on the following subject matters; homeland security related topics, terrorism, mass casualty, mass fatality, and weapons of mass destruction at Central Texas College on the Fort Leonard Wood Campus, Missouri.