Fishes are by far the most species-rich vertebrate taxon, and it is also the vertebrate group with the most strikingly diverse repertoire of behaviours and behavioural adaptations. As such, they provide us with many opportunities to explore the fascinating complexities of animal behaviour. Central questions addressed in this book include: How do sensory input, hormones, genetics and experience interact to shape individual behaviour? What should a fish do to be in the right place at the right time � and how should it behave to be an efficient predator yet not become the subject of predation itself? How to find a mate � or to find the best mate? Should all fish do the same, or is the optimal behaviour dependent on individual characteristics? How does reproductive behaviour affect what fish look like, in terms of colour, body form or body size? And how do fish cope with their complex social and biological environment, including parasites, competitors and collaborators? This new book provides an exciting overview of the many new insights offered by recent research on fish behaviour. The chapters are written by prominent international scientists and are aimed not only at fish biology students and researchers but anyone interested in the interplay between behaviour, ecology and evolution.

    List of Contributors
    PART 1 The Basis
    1. The Senses of Fish: Chemosensory, Visual and Octavolateralis
    John C. Montgomery and Alexander G. Carton
    2. Cognition: Learning and Memory
    Victoria A. Braithwaite and Anne Gro Vea Salvanes
    3. Hormones and Social Behaviour of Teleost Fish
    Rui F. Oliveira and David M. Gonçalves
    4. The Genetics of Fish Behavior
    Alison M. Bell
    PART 2 Essentials of Life
    5. Migration and Habitat Choice in Marine Fishes
    Julian D. Metcalfe, David Righton, Paul Eastwood and Ewan Hunter
    6. Fish Foraging Behaviour in Theory and Practice
    PaulJ.B. Hart, Michael M. Webster and Ashley J.W. Ward
    7. Assessment of Predation Risk by Prey Fishes
    Jennifer L. Kelley
    8. Variation in Sexual Selection in Fishes
    Ingrid Ahnesjö, Elisabet Forsgren and Charlotta Kvarnemo
    9. Mate Choice
    Ulrika Candolin and Bob B.M. Wong
    10. Parental Care and Sexual Selection
    Kai Lindström and Colette M. St.Mary
    11. Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Fishes
    Rosemary Knapp and Bryan D. Neff
    PART 3 Coping with a Complex World
    12. Cooperative Behaviour in Fishes
    Sigal Balshine and Peter M. Buston
    13. Group-Living and Social Networks
    Jens Krause, Ashley J.W. Ward, Richard James and Darren P. Croft
    14. Decision-making and Trade-offs in Fish Behaviour
    Carin Magnhagen and Anne E. Magurran
    15. Parasites and Fish Behaviour
    Iain Barber and Ben J. Rushbrook
    16. New Perspectives on Marine Cleaning Mutualism
    Redouan Bshary and Isabelle M. Cote
    17. Behaviour and Welfare in Farmed Fish
    Eva Brännäs and Jörgen I. Johnsson
    Color Plate Section


    Carin Magnhagen, Victoria A. Braithwaite, Elisabet Forsgren and B. G. Kapoor