1st Edition

Fish Diseases (2 Vols.)

Edited By Jorge Eiras, Helmut Segner, Thomas Wahli Copyright 2008
    1338 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Diseases are a major threat to both wild and farmed fish. Pathogen-induced alterations in viability and growth of wild fish stocks can have implications on diversity and ecological status of aquatic ecosystems, as fish are main components of aquatic communities, and they can directly affect the exploitation of wild and farmed fish as a protein source for human consumption. Fish diseases can be a major factor influencing abundance and distribution of wild fish. Disease-related reduction of reproduction and/or age-specific survival can strongly affect wild stocks as it has been demonstrated for several species in distinct geographical locations. The book will be useful for fish farmers, managers, researchers and graduate students interested in fish diseases.

    VOLUME 1: General Fish Histology
    Diseases Caused by Virus: Diseases in Salmonids
    Virus Diseases of Cyprinids; Viral Diseases of Cultured Marine Fish; Bacterial Diseases of Fish
    Fungal Diseases of Fish
    Amoeboid Protists as Parasites of Fish
    Diseases Caused by Flagellates
    Diseases Caused by Apicomplexans
    Diseases Caused by Ciliophora
    VOLUME 2: Myxozoan Diseases
    Diseases Caused by Monogenea
    Digeneans as Enemies of Fishes
    Diseases Caused by Cestoda
    Phylum Nematoda
    Diseases Caused by Crustacea
    Non-infectious Diseases: Nutritional Factors
    Environmental Diseases of Intensively Reared Fish
    A Brief Guide for Aquaculture Veterinarians Attending a (Continental Water) Fish Rearing and Producing Facility. What should be Considered? What Steps should be Envisaged?


    Jorge Eiras