1st Edition

Fish Genetics and Aquaculture Biotechnology

Edited By T J Pandian, C.A. Strüssmann, M.P. Marian Copyright 2005

    To feed the growing world population, water is looked upon as a major source of food production. This book is an attempt to bring out a comprehensive volume on Fish Transgenesis, Chromosome Engineering and Sex Control, Molecular Endocrinology, Microbal Diseases and Vaccines, and Bioactive Compounds.

    Contribution to Transgenesis in Indian Major Carp Labeo rohita: T.J. Pandian and T. Venugopal
    Production of Fluorescent Transgenic Zebrafish: Z. Gong; Gene Transfer to Germline and Somatic Tissues of Zebrafish: P. Alestr m et al.
    Application of RAPD and AFLP to Detect Genetic Variation in Fish: P. Jayasankar; Androgenesis and Conservation of Fishes: T.J. Pandian and S. Kirankumar
    Methods of Sex Control in Fishes and an Overview of Novel Hypothesis Concerning the Mechanisms of Sex Differentiation: C.A. Str‘ssmann et al.
    Genes for Fish GnRHs and their Receptor: Relevance to Aquaculture Biotechnology: D. Alok and Y. Zohar
    Biotechnology to Improve Reproductive Performance and Larval Rearing in Prawns and Rock Lobsters: K. Wilson et al.
    Homeopathic Induction of Spawning in Ornamental Fish: R.Vishakan et al.
    Asymptomatic Mortality of Penaeus indicus Infected by Non-luminescent Vibrio harveyi: E.S. Abdel-Aziz and S.M. Dass
    DNA Vaccine Technology: Current Status and Potential Application in Aquaculture Industry: J.A. Christopher John et al.
    Isolation of Antibody-like Substances from Marine Algae: U. Barros and A. Himanshu
    Intracellular and Associated Marine Bacteria in the Sponge Halichondria Panicea: A Potential for Pharmaceuticals


    Pandian, T J ; Strüssmann, C.A.; Marian, M.P.