1st Edition

Fish Life in Special Environments

Edited By Philippe Sebert, D.W. Onyango, B.G. Kapoor Copyright 2008
    362 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Living organisms are endowed with ingenious adaptive mechanisms to cope with the adversities of special environments. Due to the vast diversity of their habitats, fish make an excellent model to depict the interplay of morphological, physiological and biochemical aspects, and are often used to study adaptive processes to a new environment. The book covers fish in diverse environmental conditions such as alkaline environments, caves, Antarctic, ice cold lakes, tropical coral reefs, and deep waters. The chapters also discuss mitochondrial functions in the cold, circadian rhythms, endocrinology of migratory fish life cycle and fish muscle function. The topics have been selected in order to present a window to an array of adaptations of aquatic inhabitants which enable them to subsist and survive in the uncommon, and often hostile, external environment.

    List of Contributors
    1. Fish Osmoregulation in Special Environments
    A.J.R. Pequeux
    2. Alcolapia graham: A Fish Inhabiting a Highly Alkaline Environment of Lake Magadi, Kenya
    Daniel W. Onyango and Seth M. Kisia
    3. Cave Fishes: The Consequences of Life in Darkness
    Jakob Parzefall
    4. Circadian Rhythms in Hypogean Fish: With Special Reference to the Cave Loach, Nemacheilus evezardi
    Atanu Kumar Pati
    5. Hemoglobinless Antarctic Icefish: Adaptations to Living at Sub-zero Temperatures
    Seth M. Kisia and Daniel W. Onyango
    6. Fish Life in Special Environments: Mitochondrial Function in the Cold
    Helga Guderley and Edouard Kraffe
    7. Hypoxic Survival in Two Extremes: Under the Ice and on Coral Reefs
    Goran E. Nilsson and Sara Ostlund-Nilsson
    8. Endocrinology of Migratory Fish Life Cycle
    in Special Environments: The Role of Metamorphoses
    Karine Rousseau and Sylvie Dufour
    9. Fish Muscle Function and Pressure
    Philippe S├ębert
    10. Alepocephaloids, a Key Teleostean Group: Their
    Myology, Functional Anatomy, Phylogeny and
    Specializations to Deep-Water Environments
    Rui Diogo
    11. Diversity and Adaptation in Deep-channel
    Neotropical Electric Fishes
    William G.R. Crampton
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    Philippe Sebert, D.W. Onyango, B.G. Kapoor