1st Edition

Fisheries and Aquaculture Economics

Edited By A.D. Upadhyay, A.K. Roy, Pramod Kumar Pandey Copyright 2021
    364 Pages 66 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides a detailed overview to the topic of international fisheries governance and the drivers of IUU fishing. Technologies that directly address these challenges reduce costs and improve and expand farm operations both offshore and especially on land are reported in this communication. The book provides information on the following areas to scientists, resource managers and researchers working with big data to advance more sustainable fisheries practices. Modeling in the areas of Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Specific Feeding Ratio (SFR), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are needed for efficient management of resources for sustainable production from fisheries sector.

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    1. Economics of Production Technologies in Marine Fisheries
    in India 2 . Analysis of Aquaculture Farm Changes through Partial
    Budgeting Technique 3. Impact Assessment Tools for Evaluating Fisheries Research
    Programmes 4. Economic Significance of Resource Use and Species Diversification in 
    5. Advances  in  Modelling  in  Fisheries  and  Aquaculture  in Big  Data Era  6 . An Analysis  of  Value  Chain  of  Processed  Fish  Products  in North  East  Region  of  India 7 . Strategic Approaches for Holistic Development of Ornamental Fisheries Sector in India
    8. Assessment of Socio-Economic Improvement of Women Engaged in Ornamental Fish Trade at Hatibagan and Dasnagar, West Bengal 
    9 Estimation  of  Food  Deprivation  Undernourished  Elasticity  of  Income  and  Expenditure  Farmers of Tripura 10. Assessment of Appropriateness of In Knowledge (ITK) in Fisheries 11. Analysis of Food Security of Fish Farmers Using Clustering Technique
    12. Traditional Fishing Practices for Livelihood Generation in North Eastern Region 
    1 3 Fish Marketing Practices of  Kombuthurai  Thoothukudi  District:  A  Case  Study 14. Meta  Data Analysis  on  Production  and  Marketing Constraints  in  Freshwater  Fish  in  Asian  Countries 15. Linear Programming Approach in Search of an Efficient Supplementary Fish Feed for Composite Fish  Culture  System  16. Methodological  Approach  for  Attitude  Scale  Construction  for Members  of  Fishery  Co-operatives  Societies 17. Tips on Application of Statistical Methods  in  Social  Science 18. ERP Software Application in Aquaculture Industr 19. Fisheries  Resource  Assessment  and  Management Concepts  and  Techniques



    A.D. Upadhyay, Central Agricultural University, Tripura, India

    A.K. Roy, NAIP (World Bank Funded), ICAR, New Delhi, India

    Pramod Kumar Pandey,  Central Agricultural University, Tripura, India