1st Edition

Flavonoids Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications

Edited By Oyvind M. Andersen, Kenneth R. Markham Copyright 2006
    1252 Pages 189 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Advances in the flavonoid field have been nothing short of spectacular over the last 20 years. While the medical field has noticed flavonoids for their potential antioxidant, anticancer and cardioprotectant characteristics, growers and processors in plant sciences have utilized flavonoid biosynthesis and the genetic manipulation of the flavonoid pathway in plants to improve the nutritional and ornamental value of crops.

    Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications covers each class of flavonoid and presents the historic advances made in flavonoid research since the 1994 publication of an earlier text, Flavonoids Advances in Research Since 1986. This book details the analytical techniques scientists have used to achieve an improved understanding of flavonoid structures and functions as well as advances in the genetic manipulation of the flavonoid pathway, and the discovery of many new flavonoids. It indicates which techniques are best suited for the isolation and structure determination of flavonoids and whether the structures are novel. While explaining how to evaluate the flavonoid content in food and beverages, the book reveals the biotechnological advances that have allowed nutritionists and plant physiologists to assess the possible effects of flavonoids.

    As interest regarding the impact and health benefits of flavonoids continues to grow, Flavonoids: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Applications reflects the continuing commitment of flavonoid researchers to the improvement of human health and provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of information for all known flavonoids.

    Separation and Quantification of Flavonoids; A. Marston and K. Hostettmann
    Spectroscopic Techniques Applied to Flavonoids; T. Fossen and Ø.M. Andersen
    Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Flavonoid Biosynthesis; K.M. Davies and K.E. Schwinn
    Flavonoids in Foods; J.A.M. Kyle and G.G. Duthie
    Flavonoids in Wine; V. Cheynier
    Dietary Flavonoids and Health - Broadening the Perspective; M. Clifford and J.E. Brown
    Isoflavonoids and Human Health; H. Wiseman
    Flavonoid Functions in Plants; K.S. Gould and C. Lister
    Flavonoid-Protein Interactions; O. Dangles and C. Dufour
    The Anthocyanins; Ø.M. Andersen and M.Jordheim
    Flavans and Proanthocyanidins; D. Ferreira, D. Slade, and J.P.J. Marais
    Flavones and Flavonols; K.M. Valant-Vetschera and E. Wollenweber
    Flavone and Flavonol O-Glycosides; C.A. Williams
    C-Glycosylflavonoids; M. Jay, M.R. Viricel, and J.F. Gonnet
    Flavanones and Dihydroflavonols; R.J. Grayer and N.C. Veitch
    Chalcones, Dihydrochalcones, and Aurones; N.C. Veitch and R.J. Grayer
    Bi-, Tri-, Tetra-, Penta-, and Hexaflavonoids; D. Ferreira, D. Slade, and J.P.J. Marais
    Appendix - Checklist for Isoflavonoids; Ø.M. Andersen


    Oyvind M. Andersen, Kenneth R. Markham

    "The editors are to be commended on producing a comprehensive, virtually error free text which should serve as a model for similar reviews in other fields of natural products."
    —Robert J. Krueger, Ferris State University, in Economic Botany, 2007, 61 (1), P 99

    "… the latest in a series of what are widely considered as flavonoid 'bibles' … a must-have source of reference material for anyone actively researching or interested in flavonoids … I found [it] both useful in my capacity as a scientist actively researching in this field, and would recommend the book to those in a similar situation. It should also be of interest to certain universities that teach courses related to plant secondary products."
    —Paul A. Kroon, Chemistry World, May 2007

    "As interest in the impact and health benefits of flavonoids continues to grow, this book reflects the dedicated commitment of flavonoid researchers to the improvement of human health and provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date source of information on all known flavonoids."
    Anticancer Research, 2006

    "I consider this book a highly valuable source of material considering not just the actual text but also the references cite."
    La Revista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse, 2006

    "…remarkable piece of work! …not only a valuable compilation of advances and perspectives in the field of flavonoid chemistry and biochemistry, but should also serve as a useful handbook for both research and testing in the field. Personally, I have already placed this heavyweight volume on my shelf of must-have books on polyphenol-oriented research."
    —Stéphane Quideau, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2006

    "This excellent and timely volume on flavonoids provides a comprehensive update to the last compendium on the subject…highly recommended to anyone interested in studying flavonoids from chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, taxonomic, and economic points of view."
    —Rachel Mata, Journal of Natural Products, 2007

    "Since 1994, remarkable progress has been made in our understanding of flavonoid biosynthesis. DNA sequences are now available for most of the enzymes required to form the common flavonoid types. Biotechnology of the flavonoid pathway was in its infancy at the start of the 1990s, but is currently being widely applied to develop improved cultivars of ornamental, pasture, and food crops. As knowledge of flavonoids and human health progresses, one may anticipate that gene technology will be increasingly applied to improve the health characteristics of crop plants."
    —Prof. Øyvind M. Andersen