1st Edition

Flexible Multibody System Dynamics: Theory And Applications

By Mingjun Xie Copyright 1994

    This book focuses on developing an all-purpose algorithm for the dynamic simulation of flexible treelike systems making use of matrix representation at all levels. It also focuses on the fundamental theory of flexible multibody systems.

    Equations Of Motion Of Flexible Multibody Systems Using Kane's Equation A Matrix Notation; Consideration of High Temperature, Elastic-Plastic Deformations and Material Nonlinearities in Multibody Dynamics; Time Variant Boundary Conditions and Constraint Equations; Dynamic Analysis of Gear Meshing Teeth Using A Modified Timoshenko Beam; Theory Minimization of Vibration in Elastic Beams/Shafts with Time Variant Boundary Conditions; Frequency Response of Flexible Multibody Dynamic Systems; Minimization of Vibration of Human Models.


    Mingjun Xie