1st Edition

Flexible Working and Training for Doctors and Dentists Pt. 1, 2007

    This work includes a foreword by Elisabeth Paice. "Flexible Training and Working for Doctors and Dentists" is a real-world, practical guide to the opportunities available for flexible training and working. It explains the current rules and regulations and promotes the 'Improving Working Lives' initiative for NHS workers - a Department of Health priority. It presents a wealth of information, including details on sabbaticals, management roles, maternity and sickness leave, academic life and the GP returner scheme. This straightforward guide will be invaluable to doctors and dentists working in primary and secondary care, medical and dental students and staff, and doctors and dentists in training. Healthcare policy makers and shapers will find it an excellent resource, along with healthcare managers and careers counsellors. "The first book on flexible training and working in medicine and dentistry. The subject matter is highly topical. The proportion of women in medicine and dentistry rises each year, and with it the demand for less than full-time working. This book will prove a useful resource for any doctors or dentists who are contemplating working less than full-time themselves, or who guide or manage others making these choices. Clinical tutors, course organisers and deanery staff will find it invaluable, and unique." - Elisabeth Paice, in her Foreword.

    Setting the scene. Flexible training in secondary care. Flexible training for general practice. Flexible training and working for dentist. Flexible working as a consultant. New GPs. Part-time partners and sessional GPs. Practitioners with special interest. Flexible career scheme in secondary care. Flexible career scheme and retainer scheme for GPs. GP returner scheme. Academic medicine and dentistry. Teaching and training. Portfolio careers. Sabbaticals. Leadership and management. Illness and disability. Pensions, maternity leave and other benefits.


    Anne Hastie, Elisabeth Paice, Elizabeth Boath