3rd Edition

Flood Control and Drainage Engineering, 3rd edition

By S.N. Ghosh Copyright 2006
    374 Pages
    by Taylor & Francis

    Primarily written as course material on flood control and drainage engineering for advanced students of civil engineering, this third edition is thoroughly revised. It accommodates recent developments in remote sensing, information technology and GIS technology. New additional material deals with problems of flood forecasting, flood plain prioritization and flood hazard zoning, and engineering measures for flood control. Drainage improvement is tackled, with particular regard to salinity and coastal aquifer management from the ingress of sea water. The book includes design problem-solving and case studies, making it practical and applications-oriented. The subject matter will be of considerable interest to civil engineers, agricultural engineers, architects and town planners, as well as other government and non-government organizations

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    1. Flood problems
    2. Estimation of design flood
    3. Flood routing through reservoirs and channels
    4. Design of spillways
    5. Flood mitigation through planning of reservoir capacities and operation of reservoirs
    6. Flood mitigation through river protection and improvement works
    7. Flood forecasting, warning and flood fighting
    8. Economics of flood control, project
    9. Design of subsurface drainage system
    10. Design of surface drainage system
    11. Water-logging and salinity
    12. Application of Remote-sensing technology for flood control
    13. Flood plain delineation and flood hazard assessment



    The author, presently retired, served as professor and head of the Civil Engineering Department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. He also served the Calcutta Port Trust as Chief Hydraulic Engineer on deputation from IIT.

    Professor Ghosh is a member of several learned societies and recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarship for Post Doctoral Research at Imperial College, London, UK.