1st Edition

Flood Hazard Management: British and International Perspectives

Edited By John W Handmer Copyright 1987
    297 Pages
    by CRC Press

    308 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    In some important respects floodplain management and flood hazard research is different in Britain from that in other countries. This collection of papers from a conference provides some comparisons. It covers urban flooding, institutions and policy, land use policy, hazard response, and project appraisal and risk assessment.

    Section I: Introduction: The British Urban Flood Hazard 1. Objectives and Organisation 2. The Flood Problem in Perspective Section II: Flood Related Institutions and Policy in Britain 3. The Institutional and Policy Context 4. Urban Flood Problems: Their Scale and the Policy Response 5. The Power behind the Flood Scene Section III: Implementation of Land use Policy: Local and International Experience 6. Development Control Procedures in England and Wales 7. Conflicting Objectives in Floodplain Management: Flood Damage Reduction Versus Heritage Preservation 8. Flood Insurance and Floodplain Management 9. Design Standards for Building in Flood Hazard Areas 10. Flood Loss Reduction by Metropolitan Regional Authorities in the USA Section IV: Hazard Response with Short Lead Times 11. Flood Warning Dissemination: The British Experience 12. Warning Dissemination and Response with Short Lead Times Section V: Project Appraisal and Risk Assessment 13. Floodplain Mapping and Beyond: A State Perspective 14. Social Choice and Benefit-Cost Analysis 15. Assessing the Health Effects of Floods 16. Project Appraisal, Resource Allocation and Public Involvement: The Bavarian Experience Section VI: Conclusion 17. Overview: Lessons for Britain


    John W Handmer