Floods occur in most parts of the world and range from being welcomed annual occurrences, to natural disasters which have countless physical and societal impacts.
    Floods presents the most comprehensive collection to date of new research, providing a rich body of theory and experience and drawing together contributions from over fifty leading international researchers in the field. An extensive range of case-studies covering major floods and regions prone to flooding worldwide are included.

    Part I. Introduction
    Part II. Flooding as a human problem
    Part III. Measuring and evaluating the impacts of floods
    Part IV. Strategies for addressing flood hazards and disasters
    Part V. Reducing vulnerability by managing residual risk through preparedness, warnings and insurance
    Part VI. Reducing exposure and vulnerability through regulation and other social processes
    Part VII. Examining the physical basis of flooding
    Part VIII. Enhancing the predictability of floods
    Part IX. Lessons, directions and future challenges


    Dennis J. Parker

    'Combining theory and experience, this two-volume set provides a comprehensive collection of new research from over fifty international researchers in the flood hazard field.' - MCEER Information Service News June 2001

    'This reviewer must express his admiration to Professor Parker...many will be grateful for his inspired leadership of this enterprise.' - Peter Rogers - Asian Disaster Management News, Vol. 6, No. 2, April-June 2000