1st Edition

Flora of Siberia, Vol. 1 Lycopodiaceae - Hydrocharitaceae

Edited By L I Malyschev Copyright 2000

    This book presents information on the taxonomy, chorology, and composition of species and subspecies of the plants under various divisions of the family of Lycopodiaceae and Hydrocharitaceae found in Siberia.

    Keys to Families
    Division Lycopodiophyta
    Class Lycopodiopsida
    Family 1. Lycopodiaceae
    Family 2. Huperziaceae
    Class Isoetopsida
    Family 3. Selaginellaceae
    Family 4. Isoetaceae
    Division Equisetophyta
    Class Equisetopsida
    Family 5. Equisetaceae
    Division Polypodiophyta
    Class Polypodiopsida
    Family 6. Ophioglossaceae
    Family 7. Onocleaceae
    Family 8. Athyriaceae
    Family 9. Woodsiaceae
    Family 10. Aspidiaceae
    Family 11. Thelipteridaceae
    Family 12. Aspleniaceae
    Family 13. Cryptogrammaceae
    Family 14. Sinopteridaceae
    Family 15. Hypolepidaceae
    Family 16. Polypodiaceae
    Family 17. Marsileaceae
    Family 18. Salviniaceae
    Division Pinophyta
    Class Pinopsida
    Family 19 Pinaceae
    Family 20 Cupressaceae
    Class Gnetopsidea
    Famliy 21. Ephedraceae
    Division Magnoliophyta
    Class Liliopsida
    Family 22. Typhaceae
    Family 23. Sparganiaceae
    Family 24. Potamogetonaceae
    Family 25. Ruppiaceae
    Family 26. Zannichelliaceae
    Family 27. Najadaceae
    Family 28. Juncaginaceae
    Family 29 Scheuchzeriaceae
    Family 30 Alismataceae
    Family 31. Butomaceae
    Family 32. Hydrocharitaceae
    Maps of Plant Distribution
    Index of Latin Names of Plants


    Malyschev, L I