1st Edition

Flora of Siberia, Vol. 11

Edited By

L I Malyschev

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ISBN 9781578081103
Published January 8, 2006 by CRC Press
310 Pages

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Book Description

This volume publishes for the first time specific data for Siberia on taxonomy and distribution of feral members of 18 families. The largest families Lamiaceae (Labiatae). Diagnostic features, conditions of habitation, and geographic distribution, with maps of distribution ranges in many cases, have been provided for each species and subspecies. This information forms an essential scientific basis for conservation and utilization of the resources of the plant kingdom. The book is designed for the use of botanists specializing in various branches including resource specialists and plant introducers, specialists in environmental conservation, agronomers, teachers and students.

Table of Contents

Family Pyrolaceae; Family Monotropaceae; Family Ericaceae; Family Diapensiaceae; Family Primulaceae; Family Plumbaginaceae; Family Limoniaceae; Family Gentianaceae; Family Menyanthaceae; Family Apocynaceae; Family Asclepiadaceae; Family Convolvulaceae; Family Cuscutaceae; Family Polemoniaceae; Family Hydrohyllaceae; Family Boraginaceae: S.V. Ovczinnikova (key to genera, genera Lappula Monench, Hackelia Opiz, Eritrichium Schrader ex Gaudin, Anoplocaryum Ledeb., Amblynotus (A.DC.) Johnston, Asperugo L., Craniospermum Lehm., Rochelia Reichenb., Rindera Pallas, Cynoglossum L.); E.V. Rybinskaya 9genera Argusia Boehmer, Lithospermum L., Buglossoides Moench, Arnebia Forsk., Stenosolenium Terz., Onosma L.); O.D. Nikiforova (genera; Mertensia Roth, Trigonotus Steven, Cerinthe L., Echium L., Symphytum L., Brunnera Steven, Lycopsis L., Nonea Medicus, Pulmonaria L., Myosotis L., Strophiostoma Turcz.); Family Verbenaceae; Family Lamiaceae (Labiatae) - V. M. Doron kin (key ot genera, genra Phlomis L., Galeopsis L., Lamium L., Ziziphora L., Satureja L., Clinopodium L., Acinos Miller, Hyssopus L., Origanum L., Thymus L., Lycopus L., Mentha L., Elsholtzia Willd.); N. V. Friesen (genera Ajuga L., Amethystea L., Lagopsis Bunge, Lophanthus Adans., Glechoma L., Prunella L.); V. V. Zuev (genus Scutellaria L.), L. I. Malyschev (genus Schizonepeta Bentham); K. S. Baikov (genra Nepeta L., Salvia L.); G. A. Peschkova (genus Dracocephalum L.); N.K. Kovtonyuk (genera Chaiturus Willd., Betonica L., Lagochilus Bunge); T. V. Krestovskaya (genera Leonurus L., Panzerina Sojak.); O. D. Nikiforova (genus Stachys L.); Maps of Plant Distribution; Index of Latin Names of Plants

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