1st Edition

Flora of Siberia, Vol. 14 Additions and Corrections; Alphabetical Indexes

Edited By L I Malyschev Copyright 2008

    This represents the concluding volume of the comprehensive compilation on the taxonomy and chorology of the vascular plants of Siberia (Volumes 1 to 13). The present volume covers the latest information on the nomenclature and distribution of the species that were reported after the publication of the corresponding volume or was missed. The revision has brought to light the family Cambombaceae, 16 new genera and 208 species and subspecies. Names of 6 genera and 39 species have been replaced by their priority names. Alphabetical indexes of the Latin names of families, genera, species and subspecies covered in the entire compendium of all the 14 volumes have been appended.

    PREFACE; PART I Additions and Corrections References; PART 2 Index of Latin Names of Plant Families; Index of Latin Names of Plant Genera, Species and Subspecies


    L I Malyschev