1st Edition

Flourish by Design

Edited By Nick Dunn, Leon Cruickshank, Gemma Coupe Copyright 2024
    204 Pages 27 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    204 Pages 27 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Flourish by Design brings together a range of established and emerging voices in design research for a collection that provides original provocations on topics of global significance. It is an insightful guide to original theory and practice concerning how we can design for a better tomorrow.

    Featuring contributors from a diverse array of backgrounds and professions, this edited book explores the difference that design and design research can make for people, organisations, and the planet to prosper now and in the future. It offers a range of ideas and techniques through practical examples and ongoing projects showing how applied design research can respond to global challenges. Covering topics as diverse as artificial intelligence, bio-inspired materials, more-than-human design, sustainability, and urban acupuncture, it shares interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary design research not just to demonstrate what could be plausible in the near future but also to explain why it might be preferable. By sharing these despatches, this collection represents the very best of what design research can do, explaining how and why.

    This book is intended for a wide audience of professionals, scholars, and students in design, architecture, and public policy, as well as anyone who has an interest in how we design the world and, in turn, it designs us.

    The Open Access version of this book, available at www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license

    Introduction: flourish by design: agendas and practices for positive change

    Nick Dunn, Leon Cruickshank, and Gemma Coupe


    Part 1

    Flourishing together


    1. Flourishing together

    Christopher Frayling


    2. Flourishing, design, and the brain

    John R. Ehrenfeld


    3. Designing more-than-human urban places

    Nick Dunn


    4. Why a design attitude matters in a world in flux

    Mariana Amatullo


    5. Flourish(ing) by design?

    Paul Rodgers


    6. Memes —designed to flourish or doomed to divide?

    Naomi Jacobs 


    7. Can cesigners and AI flourish together?

    Boyeun Lee


    8. Challenging capitalism through design for commonism

    Rosendy Galabo 


    9. How cross-relational design research can foster pandemic recovery

    Elisavet Christou 


    10. Flourishing in joyful discovery: scaffolding new thinking

    Lee Brewster


    11. Build together a flourishing world: let’s give a shit and plant seeds

    Ingrid van der Wacht 


    Part 2

    Flourishing organisations


    12. Flourishing organisations

    Bruce Brown


    13. What organisations will flourish in the future and why we need a new design culture that is fit for the 22nd century?

    Andrea Siodmok


    14. Flourishing for all: the imperative for design research to go beyond academia

    Leon Cruickshank 


    15. The shadow side: why embracing death and decay is essential to flourishing

    Laura Santamaria 


    16. Making design research work by flourishing through disappearance

    Joseph Lindley


    17. Working at the junction: reconciling numbers and vulnerabilities

    Marzia Mortati


    18. Public value by design: toward a flourishing design culture in public services

    Louise Mullagh and Jez Bebbington


    19. What schools do we need?

    Ana Rute Costa 


    20. Evolutionary change of organisations and its flourishment over the design paradigms

    Kun-Pyo Lee


    21. It is time for radical co-design

    David Perez


    22. Design after things

    Chris Speed


    Part 3

    Flourishing in the World


    23. Flourishing in the world

    Deyan Sudjic


    24. Making a difference by design

    Sevra Davis


    25. Transdisciplinary design: next-generation bio-inspired building materials

    Jenny Sabin


    26. Can design heal a city?

    Ravi Naidoo


    27. The idea of ‘agency’ in design today

    Camilla Buchanan


    28. The Anthropocene warrants a new standard time

    Rupert Griffiths


    29. Just toys? From material sustainability to co-design and degrowth

    Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs


    30. Legacy and sustainability in design research: a global dialogue

    Emmanuel Tsekleves


    31. Falling UP and caring for better

    Louise Valentine


    32 Sustainability: designing for a technological utopia or dystopia?

    Micheal Stead


    Afterword: to flourish or not to flourish by design

    Rachel Cooper



    Nick Dunn is Professor of Urban Design and Executive Director of Imagination, the design and architecture research lab at Lancaster University, UK. He is the founding Director of the Dark Design Lab, exploring the impacts of nocturnal activity on humans and non-humans. Nick has worked with the Alliance for Healthy Cites, Design Council European Commission, International Dark-Sky Association, and World Health Organization. He has authored numerous books, curated exhibitions, and given talks at public festivals and conferences around the world.

    Leon Cruickshank is Professor of Design and Creative Exchange and a founding member of Imagination at Lancaster University. His research focuses on the development of open and co-design processes in the private, public, and voluntary sectors. Past projects include leading the £13.2 million Beyond Imagination project funded by Research England and Lancaster University and the £1.2 million AHRC Leapfrog project. He is currently working on giving communities a stronger voice in an equitable move to sustainability.

    Gemma Coupe is the Beyond Imagination Impact Manager at Lancaster University, UK, a bold and engaging project exploring how design research can contribute to a healthier, more prosperous, and sustainable world. Gemma has worked as the Design Manager on multiple design research projects. She develops strategic partnerships, projects, and events that demonstrate the value and impact of design-led research. Previously, Gemma was a founding member of Creative Lancashire, providing an innovative response to economic and social issues affecting creative businesses.